Creating Modules

  1. Click Content in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Add a module,  and enter a name for your module, then hit Enter.
    Click Add a module
  3. A description can be added to the module by clicking on Add a description on the right.(optional)
  4. Dates can be  added to control when students have access to the module (optional).
  5. Click on the drop down menu to change the status of your module (By default the status is published, by changing the status to Draft the students will not be able to see the module until you publish it.).

Adding a sub-module

 1. Click on a module that you want to add a sub-module to.

 2. Click on the Add a sub-module field (it will become a textbox).

 3. Enter a name for your sub-module then press Enter.

Demonstration Video

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