Create a  Link

External links to supplemental material (e.g. LinkedIn Learning, TED talk videos, interactive websites) can be added to D2L. Links can be added to module pages which will allow the instructor to provide context for the link or links can be added using the Create a Link tool.

Create a Link to an External Website

  1. In your course, click on Content in the navigation bar. 
  2. Click the blue Upload/Create button.
  3. Select Create a Link
    Click Upload.Create and select Create a Link
  4. Enter a Title to reresent the link. This title will appear as the Content Topic.
  5. Enter or paste in the URL (Be sure to include the http://) and select Next. 
  6. Select the Open as External Resource checkbox.
  7. Click Create.

Note: The newly created link will appear as the last Topic in the module.

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