Create a Quiz

Creating a quiz involves a series of steps. First you create the quiz shell by seeting the quiz properties. Once the shell is created you can access its tab menus to define its restrictions, assessment, and submission views.

To create a quiz:

  1. Click Assessments in the navigation bar and select Quizzes.
  2. Click on the New Quiz button on the Manage Quizzes page.
    D2L Screenshot

Properties Tab

  1. Enter a name for the quiz.
  2. Select or create a category to organize quizzes on the Manage Quizzes page (optional).
    D2L Screenshot
  3. Click Add/Edit Questions to add questions to a quiz.
  4. Create a description for a quiz (optional). This will display prior to starting the quiz. Click On to have it display.
  5. Create an introduction which will display a message to students at the start of a quiz (optional). This will display at the top of a quiz before the first question. Click On to have it display.
  6. Create a page header to show at the top of every quiz page (optional) and/or a page footer to show at the bottom of every quiz page (optional). Click On to have it display.

    Optional Advanced Properties

    The following options are available in optional advanced properties:
  7. Check Allow hints to allow students to access hints that have been added to questions.
  8. Check Disable right click to prohibit students from copying or printing quiz questions by right-clicking on a question when taking a quiz. Note: students are still able to take a screenshot
  9. Check disable pager and alerts to disable the Pager tool or their alerts if they have a quiz attempt in progress.
  10. Enter your email address in Notification Email field to receive a message each time a user completes a quiz attempt. You can add additional email addresses separated by commas.
    D2L Screenshot
  11. Now that the basic quiz shell has been created, continue learning by visiting the tutorial on setting up Quiz Restrictions.

Demonstration Video

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