Create Holistic Rubric

Holistic rubrics allow you to evaluate students based on a single criterion.

Creating a Holistic Rubric

    1. Click Assessment in the navigation bar, then select Rubrics from the drop down menu.
    2. Click New Rubrics.
    3. Enter a Name for your rubric. (Your changes will be auto-saved.)
    4. Select the Rubric Status. (Recommend setting to Draft until ready for use.)
    5. Change the Rubric Type to Holistic.
      Enter name, type and status
    6. Click the dropdown menu next to Scoring to select the scoring type.
      • Percentage– The rubric will calculate the percentage based on the score of the associated item (e.g. a Grade item).
      • No Score– Levels are evaluated only with text. For example, three levels would be Proficient, Adequate, Developing.
    7. Click Reverse Level Order to reverse the order in which the levels display.
    8. Click the plus (+) sign to add levels to the left or right of existing levels.
    9. Click the trash can icon next to a level to delete a level.
    10. Enter the percentage to be assigned for each level.
    11. Enter the description for each level.
      Enter levels, percentages and description

    12. Click the drop down menu to the right of Options to reveal:
      1. Rubric Visibility: Determine if and how the students will view the rubric
      2. Score Visibility: Check the box to hide the rubric score from students. Unchecked by default.
      3. Description: Add a description for your personal reference.
    13. It is recommended to leave the advanced associations checked.
    14. Click Close when complete.

Note: Be sure to set status to Published when you are ready to use the rubric in your course.

Demonstration Video

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