Create Calendar Event


Calendar events can be created to keep students up to date on important course events. Instructions can create one-time or recurring events using the calendar tool. Reminders can be set for items in D2L such as Assignments and Quizzes or items outside of D2L such as synchronous sessions and presentations.

Create Course Events in Calendar

To create a new event in the course calendar:

Log into D2L and navigate to your course.

  1. Click Resources in the navigation bar and select Calendar.
  2. Click on Create Event.
  3. Enter a Title for the Event.
  4. Enter a description of the event. Include a link to web conference room if applicable. (*Optional)
  5. Use the start and end dates and times for the event.
  6. Click Add Recurrence if it is a recurring event. (*Optional)
  7. Click on Create.
    screenshot of create event page

Demonstration Video


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