Adding Course Image and Course Banner to Course

Change Course Image

An image was selected for each course by default. You can select an image from a built-library of images or choose to upload your own image. The image will be displayed as a thumbnail on the D2L homepage and you have the option of making the image your course banner.

  1. Once logged into D2L, hover over the course whose image you want to change.
    D2L Screenshot
  2. Click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner and select Change Image.
  3. A searchable repository of over 3000 stock images appears. Type in a keyword (e.g. “nutrition”, “nursing”, “history”, “literature”, etc.) and hit Enter.
    D2L Screenshot

    Note: In addition to choosing an image from the library, the option to upload your own image is available. Click on Upload and upload an image from your computer. The recommended banner dimensions are 2400 x 980 pixels.

  4. Hover over the image you select and click on Use this image.
  5. The new image will now appear on the D2L homepage.
    D2L Screenshot

Add banner Image to Course

  1. From the Course homepage, click on Course Admin.
  2. Click on Course Offering Information.
    D2L Screenshot
  3. Check the box next to Display the image in a banner on the course homepage.
    D2L Screenshot
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Click on the name of the course, at the top of the page, to return to the course home page.
    D2L Screenshot
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