Use the Content tool to post and organize course content so that information about course expectations, course syllabus, lecture notes, and important dates display to users clearly.
Course materials you post in Content can include documents, images, media files, URL links, and existing course activities.

Content is made up of Modules and Topics. Modules are the section folders where the topics reside. Topics are the individual content items within a module. A course must have at least one module for topics to reside.

You can also monitor class and user progress as students work through course content by setting automatic (determined by the system) or manual (determined by the student) completion tracking.

Content Topics

Move or reorder topics


Content FAQ

How do I add my syllabus to my course?

Your syllabus can be uploaded as a Topic. Refer to the Create a New Topic page.

Is there a way to release content on specific dates?

Start and end dates can be designated for modules and topics. Refer to the Setting Dates and Restricting Availability page.

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