Adding Media

Adding Media

There are two ways you can add a video or other media to your course.

  • Adding the file first under Manage Media then adding it to your course via the HTML editor/insert stuff.  This method is great if you'd first like to trim or clip a video using the online editor or add formative questions to the video before adding it to your course.
  • Use the HTML editor/insert stuff to directly add a new video to your course.

Adding File via Manage Media

1. From your D2L home page, click the University Resources menu and select Manage Media.

Manage Media link under University Resources menu in D2L

2. After clicking the Add New button, select Media Upload to add a new video file to your My Media area.  View the tutorials for Kaltura Capture and adding a Video Quiz to learn more about those functions.

The Add New button to select a file to upload

3. Click +Choose a file to upload to browse your computer.  Alternatively, you may drag and drop the file from your computer’s file area.  This guide will use the +Choose a file to upload method.

The Choose a file to upload button

4. Find the file on your computer and double-click the file to upload.

Select a file from your computer to upload

5. On the following page fill out the information related to the video:

               1) You can edit the name of the video (title required)

               2) Enter a description (optional)

               3) Add a tag.  A tag can be the video topic or other information related to the video, such as your course name or code. (required)

               4) Add a Collaborator (optional)

               5) Click Save (required)

Adding media information page including title, description, and tags.

Adding Media via HTML Editor/Insert Stuff

Anywhere you can use the HTML editor in D2L, such as when adding a new “Create a file” in Content, in the description of a discussion topic, or the instructions of an assignment new or existing media from your My Media (Kaltura) can be added.

1. Click the Insert Stuff button on the HTML Editor’s toolbar.

The insert stuff button is located on the top-left of the HTML editor

2. Click My Media.

The My Media link after clicking on Insert Stuff

3. To add media you’ve already uploaded to My Media, click Select next to your video.

select button to choose existing media to insert

*You can also upload a new media file here by clicking Add New in the current window to add the media. After uploading the file, click Save and Embed and skip to step 5 below.

4. Click Next.
5. Click Insert.
6. After being taken back to D2L, click Publish.

Re-uploading Kaltura Content 

If your Kaltura Capture video does not appear in Manage Media or fails to upload, try to cancel and re-upload the file:

  1. Open the Kaltura Capture app on your computer. Click on Manage in the right-hand side of the app.
    The Kaltura Manage Recordings feature is to the right of the Capture interface.
  2. In your Kaltura Capture library, you should see a list of your recordings. If your video is still in the process of uploading, you should see a percentage and an "X" right next to it. Click the "X" to cancel the uploading.
    Kaltura indicates that an uploading is in process by a progress bar that shows a percentage of completion for the uploading.
  3. Kaltura should cancel the upload within a few seconds. You will see the word "Canceling" while the cancellation is in progress.
    The word "cancel" will appear once you click the X to cancel the upload. When that is done, you will be able to re-upload your Kaltura Capture recording.
  4. Click the Upload button to re-upload your recording to Manage Media.
    The "Upload' button appears to the upper-right of a recording. Click "Upload" to attempt to re-upload any failed or canceled recordings to Manage Media.
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