Download Class Roster

A class roster or group or section enrollment list can be printed using the Export to Excel feature in the Grades tool. This is the same as exporting your gradebook, but can be helpful at the start of the semester to have a printable roster in Excel.

1. Click Assessments in the navigation bar and select Grades.
2. Click on Enter Grades
3. Click on Export
4. Select which users to include under Export Grade Items for.
   Note: If you select group or section you will be given the option to select the specific group or section.
5. In the Key Field section select how you want the user identified. The Org Defined ID number is the Student ID number.
6. In the Sort By field, select the manner in which you want the data to be sorted, for example Last Name, First Name, Org Defined ID, etc
7. Under User Details, select any additional user identifiers for example, first and last name.
    Select options
8. You have the option to select grade items or to unselect the grade items.
9. Click Export to Excel
10. When the new window appears, click the link to download the file.


Demonstration Video

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