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Main Office:
Peoples Building - Room 33
690 S. Church Street
West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: 610-436-3350,


Use the Classlist tool to view who is enrolled in your course, check user's online status and send email to students. The Classlist also allows you to add faculty guests to the course and view a student's last login date.

In order to maintain consistency between the official record (myWCU) and the LMS (D2L), D2L Services is not authorized to enroll students outside of the automated registration process unless the student is:

  • Working as an assistant (TA/GA) in the course.
  • We have specific, written approval from the Registrar’s Office.

Classlist Topics

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Classlist FAQ

How do I add a student to my class?

Faculty are unable to add students to their courses. If a student appears in your roster on myWCU and is not in your D2L classlist, contact D2L Services for assistance.

What does the green circle next to the student's name mean?

The green circle or green dot next to a student's name indicates they are currently online.

My course is combined, how can I filter the classlist by section?


How can I check my sent mail?

1. Click on the "Message Alerts" icon (the envelope icon) in the main D2L bar, and select "Email".

2. Click the "Sent Mail" button above the "To" field. 

This will show you all of the mail you've sent in each of your courses. You can also see which students you've sent them to. 

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