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Networking & Telecommunications

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Joseph Sincavage
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Conference Calls

Up to 6 Participants

How to Place a Conference Call Using an Avaya Telephone

  1. Pick up the receiver on your phone and dial the first party as you normally would, according to WCU dialing procedures. Wait for that party to answer your call.
  2. Press the soft key below Conf shown in the phone display and you will hear a dial tone. The system will automatically place your other party on hold.
  3. Call the next party you want on the conference call, by dialing his/her number. Wait for that party to answer your call.
  4. Push the Conf button a second time to add the second party to the conference call. You may repeat these steps until you connect all parties required for the conference call, up to a maximum of 6 parties.
  5. Speak to your parties once connected. Press the Hold button to place the conference call on hold to answer an incoming call. Hit the Hold button again to place the call on hold and then the Conference button to join the new call with the rest of the conference call.

More Than 6 Participants

WCU uses an external conference service to book calls of 4 or more participants (yourself included). The current cost of the service is 3ยข per minute per person. Please complete sections A and B of the Conference Call Request Form to schedule the conference service. Return completed form by email to

or fax it to 610-436-3310.

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