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 Star of Excellence

What is Star of Excellence?

Star of ExcellenceStar of Excellence is a self-paced, interactive learning and application certificate program designed to improve participants' knowledge and skills in specific areas for personal and/or professional development in just 6-10 hours. The majority of the curriculum is pre-recorded and can be accessed virtually anytime, anywhere. Curriculum includes instructor led programs, pre-recorded teleseminars, webinars, podcast series, email campaigns, and self-paced online learning. Discussion groups are held three times throughout the year during lunch hours. Periodic laser tele-coaching is also available upon request. The current six certifications to choose from include:

You may earn as many stars as you'd like in each area. However, it is recommended that no more than one star be earned per year. If you would like to achieve more than one star, it is recommended that you speak with your manager or supervisor about your goals and rationale behind your interest and commitment to the program.


Who is it for?

All faculty and staff interested in growing their skills in the areas of leadership, communication, project management, personal development, social equity, or technology.

Departments and groups who have chosen to grow together and serve as accountability partners in a particular area of focus.

Employees who are aspiring or considering future leadership and new career path opportunities.

Staff whose managers or supervisors:

  • Have identified a specific area for development as a result of the performance management cycle.
  • See a workforce planning need or career development goal.
  • Have given employees the option to choose which star they will earn as a part of the next performance cycle.


Why participate?

When you participate in the Star of Excellence program, you will receive:

  1. Transferable knowledge and skills for future opportunities.
  2. Increased value to your current job.
  3. A new sense of purpose and perspective.
  4. Increased overall workplace satisfaction.
  5. New relationships and larger sphere of influence.
  6. Strengthened relationships and increased credibility.
  7. Confidence to influence outcomes.
  8. A feeling of appreciation and sense of achievement.
  9. Best practices and worst case scenarios.

How do I get started?

  1. Look through each of the certificate catalogs listed above.
  2. Choose the certificate(s) you would like/need to complete.
  3. Select 5 of the programs you would like to participate in.
  4. Apply online now!

Contact us to receive more information on the Star of Excellence program.

Important Dates

  • March 20th by noon
    Choose your star certification, select your courses, and apply online.
    Submit Star of Excellence Action Plan.
  • April-May 
    Connect with your coach (optional)
  • June (date TBD) 
    Mid-year celebration and group discussion/coaching
  • August-October 
    Connect with your coach (optional)
  • November (date TBD) 
    Group discussion/coaching and bag lunch
  • December (date TBD) 
    Star of Excellence graduation

Contact us to receive more information on the Star of Excellence program.

  • Expand
    your mind
  • Release
    your potential
  • Grow
    your network
  • Discover
    your excellence
  • Create
    your career path
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This program is guaranteed to energize, engage, and encourage employees to grow their talents and build their confidence and skill set.

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