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Direct Deposit Form

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Direct Deposit Form

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For questions regarding Direct Deposit Form, please contact:

  • Payroll
  • (610) 436-2352

Signing up for direct deposit allows for your paycheck to be deposited directly in to the bank account(s) of your choice.

Convenient: Saves you a trip to the bank. 
Faster: Most banks post the funds to your account at the beginning of the day's business on payday allowing immediate access. 
Safer: Direct Deposit eliminates the worry of a lost or stolen paycheck. 
Confidential: Funds are automatically processed and you can instruct the bank to apply them to your savings or checking account.


  1. Print out the Direct Deposit Form 
  2. Completely fill out the form
  3. Write "Void" on a personal check
  4. Bring the form and your voided check to the Office of Human Resources on your first day of hire

Frequently Asked Questions about the Direct Deposit Form

Is Direct Deposit required?

AFSCME employees are required to sign up for direct deposit. For all other employees, direct deposit is not required, but it is highly encouraged to reduce the risk of delay in receiving pay checks (i.e. illness, weather closure, or other factors).

Can I list more than one bank account?

Yes, you can list multiple bank accounts. Just be sure to provide a voided check for each account listed.

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