Frequently Asked Questions - APSCUF Temporary Faculty

PLEASE NOTE: The information below is provided with the assumption that you are eligible for medical/hospital benefits. In order to determine your eligibility please contact the Office of Human Resources.

How often will I receive pay?

The university operates on a biweekly delayed payroll system.

Can I elect to be paid over 26 pays?

No, all temporary faculty are paid on a 20 pay cycle.

  How do I get my parking permit?

Take a copy of your signed contract to the Public Safety Office in People's Building. For more information visit the Department of Public Safety website.

  How do I get my university e-mail and system access established?

ID cards, e-mail, and system access can be set up once your information has been entered into the PeopleSoft database by your Dean's Office staff. Personal Account Application forms are available from your department secretary or Chairperson.

Contact information for Dean's Offices

  • College of Arts & Sciences: x 3243
  • College of Business & Public Affairs: x 2930
  • College of Education : x 2428
  • College of Health Sciences : x 2938
  • College of Visual & Performing Arts: x 2489

  What do I need to do to get my university ID card?

In order to have your ID card printed, please take a signed ID Authorization Form, available from the Human Resources Office, to the Ram E-Card Office in Sykes Student Union. It's advisable to call their office (x 0429) before heading over to ensure that your information has been entered into their system and your ID can be created.

  Is there a cost for my ID card?

There is no cost for your initial ID card as a new faculty member or if your card is no longer working due to normal wear and tear. If you lose your card there is a fee for replacement.

  When do my benefits take effect?

The first official day of the semester in which you become eligible (typically one week prior to the beginning of classes).

How long do I have to make decisions about my benefits choices?

Legally you have 30 days from the first official day of the semester in which you become eligible.

  When will I receive my benefit cards?

Your medical card(s) will be mailed to your home address within 3-4 weeks of the date you submit your medical insurance enrollment form to the Human Resources office.

  What should I do if I have to see a doctor before receiving my medical and supplemental cards?

Ideally all doctor appointments should be scheduled four to six weeks after you enroll in benefits in order to allow time to receive your cards. If you must schedule an appointment prior to receiving your cards, please contact the Benefits Department in the Human Resources Office as far in advance of your appointment as possible.

  What about cards for my Dental, Vision, and Hearing plans?

These plans are administered by the APSCUF Health & Welfare Fund, which is a part of your union.

  Am I eligible for summer benefits?

In order to be eligible for summer benefits you must be: a) employed full-time in the preceding Spring semester and b) have a full-time contract for the following fall in hand (with a copy in HR) by the last official day of the spring semester.

  What should I do if I need to enroll in COBRA?

Two to four weeks after your separation date, COBRA information will be sent to the address on your pay check. You have 60 days from separation date to elect COBRA coverage which is retroactive to your final date of coverage. If you need services within the initial two to four week time frame, please contact the Benefits Department.

Can I change my retirement plan once I begin employment?

No, you will not be able to switch between the three types of retirement plans once you have been enrolled. However, if you choose to participate in the ARP plan you may change between the four vendors at any time.
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