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College of Health Sciences

Staff Spotlight

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College of Health Sciences

Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
855 S. New Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Dr. Scott Heinerichs
Dean (interim)
Phone: 610-436-2825
Fax: 610-436-2860

Marge Curran
Secretary, Dean
Phone: 610-436-2825

Melissa Reed
Associate Dean (interim)
Phone: 610-436-2825

Debra Murray
Budget Manager
Phone: 610-738-2385

Amanda Blue
Outreach Business Manager
Phone: 610-738-0411

Steph Kienle

Steph Kienle
  • Hometown
    "West Chester, PA"
  • Your alma mater?
    "West Chester University"
  • What is your occupation/role in the CHS?
    "MPH Program Administrative Assistant"
  • How long have you been at WCU?
    "I have been working here for about 3.5 years"
  • How did you land at WCU?
    "Growing up in the WC borough you are naturally drawn to WCU and all the opportunities they offer this community. Throughout the years I attended multiple sports camps and programs provided at WCU so my connection to WCU started early on in life. My mom worked here for over 25 years and my dad, sister, and I are all alumni of WCU. So, I guess you can say WCU has always been home to me!"
  • What's the best part of your job?
    "The best part of my job is interacting with students and helping them to solve problems and progress academically. I also enjoy engaging with faculty members throughout the campus while learning about their research and service initiatives on campus and in local communities"
  • What do you wish you could share with all incoming freshman students?
    "These next few years are what you make of it. Don't wait to get involved on campus and in your local community. Every experience – good and bad – will teach you something. Be open to learning from your experiences with a positive outlook and take away lessons that will help you grow both personally and professionally."
  • What do you wish you could share with all graduating seniors?
    "Congrats on getting to this point! Allow yourself some time to reWect on where you have come from, what you have accomplished these last few years, and where you want to go in the future. It is ok to not have a set plan – just move forward with conXdence and determination to achieve success in whatever makes you happy."
  • What makes you most proud of WCU?
    "The personal connection my family has with WCU, the dedicated faculty and staff, and the inspirational students who make up the WCU community makes me proud be a Golden Ram 4 Life!"