HEAT Institute

West Chester University

206 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester PA, 19383
Phone: (610) 436-2260 or 2261
Fax: (610) 436-2860
Email: heatinstitute@wcupa.edu

Studies with Professional Ice Hockey Players

Members of the HEAT Institute are currently working with the Philadelphia Flyers organization. They completed a two-week series of data collections with the ice hockey players during their pre-season training camp in 2006, including the collection of core-temperature and sweat-rate data during a pre-season game. As with the on-going investigations in professional football players, this is the first such research in the world involving thermoregulation and electrolyte balance in professional ice hockey players. The HEAT Institute has continued with numerous investigations during the 2006 -2007 NHL season and currently the research has expanded to include the use of the VivoMetric’s LifeShirt technology.