Department of Communication
Sciences and Disorders

West Chester University

Dr. Cheryl D. Gunter, Chair
201 Carter Drive, Suite 400
West Chester, PA  19383
Phone:  610.436.2115
Fax:  610.436.3388

Our Program Facilities

Program Facilities

We are located at 201 Carter Drive, at the eastern end of the University campus. The building was opened in July of 1993, and it houses the department and faculty offices, along with a student resource center/reading room, the Speech and Hearing Clinic, the Speech Science Laboratory and a seminar room/computer laboratory.

The Resource Center/Reading Room is available for student use. This room contains a collection of books and technical journals that have been donated by faculty and professionals from the community. The collection is maintained by student volunteers and by students who use the collection.

The Seminar Room/Computer Lab is used for graduate seminars and professional meetings. The room also houses four personal computers for student use. These are tied into the University Local Area Network, providing students access to a large number of software packages, as well as access to the University's electronic library catalog, e-mail and Internet.

The Speech and Hearing Clinic includes six individual sound-treated therapy rooms, a group/adult therapy room, a child language therapy room, therapy observation areas, a clinic materials room with adjacent therapy preparation room, a large waiting room for clients and their families and a clinic office. A video control room has also been built into the clinic. In addition, the clinic contains a double-walled audiometric test suite.

The Speech Science Laboratory houses a sound-treated booth along with a variety of electronic instruments that are used in conjunction with teaching, research and clinical work. Anatomical models and specimens are also available for your use in the lab.

The department complex is on a single floor and is accessible to mobility-impaired people. Reserved parking for clients is located adjacent to the clinic.