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Center for Healthy Schools

Bethann Cinelli, D.Ed
211 Sturzebecker HSC
West Chester, PA 19383

Center for Healthy Schools



The Center for Healthy Schools is a core connector that improves the health and academic achievement of children and adolescents through the alignment of a health-promoting school, community, and family environment.


Supporting PA schools' children, families, and communities to get and stay healthy by aligning health and learning for the whole child.

Our Urgency

Health and learning are inextricably intertwined. There is a compelling case for the causal role that health plays in closing the education achievement gap.  Healthy school communities provide a consistent message.

Who We Are

The Center for Healthy Schools staff is an engaged, passionate, and committed team of health and education professionals who provide leadership, guidance, and strategies to promote health enhancing schools and communities for a healthier generation.

What We Do

  1. Promote awareness of the link between health and learning.
  2. Partner with schools and community prevention partners.
  3. Provide professional development through the School Health Leadership Institute.
  4. Build organizational capacity through the coordinated school health model.
  5. Engage school administrators, teachers, staff, and parents as partners in promoting healthy schools and academic success.
  6. Provide professional resources and networking.
  7. Assist in creating policies which provide sustainable changes related to positive health behaviors of students and staff.

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For additional information about the Center for Healthy Schools please contact:

Bethann Cinelli, D.Ed.

Director, Center for Health Schools

West Chester University