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Department of Kinesiology

Health & Physical Education Degree and Course Requirements

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Department of Kinesiology

Dr. Craig Stevens
206 Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: (610)-436-2386
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Degree and Course Requirements


The program curriculum is designed to provide future teachers the most engaging, relevant and current education possible. It is closely aligned with the responsibilities of being a teacher so our graduates are well prepared to teach from day one. Our program stresses the following:

  • Fieldwork – Teacher candidates are in the local public schools early and often. There is no better way to prepare teachers for teaching than doing it in real schools with real students. Nearly every physical education pedagogy course has required fieldwork. In fact, even the introductory courses in health and PE (KIN 103, HEA 101) involve teaching public school students.
  • Skillfulness – Teacher candidates become proficient in a wide range of skills including yoga, golf, swimming, dance ultimate Frisbee and fitness among others. The seven activity classes are taught by full-time faculty in a manner consistent with best practices in physical education.
  • Pedagogy – Teacher candidates will find that they are engaged with one another and material in meaningful ways. The faculty practice what they preach in terms of student involvement, creative teaching methods and real-world practicality.
  • Success for All Children – Teacher candidates will learn how to promote lifetime physical activity and fitness for all K-12 students regardless of skill, gender, disability or setting.

Degree Requirements

The guidance sheet lists all general education and major specific course requirements. Use the appropriate guidance sheet depending entry date into the program: admitted Spring 2016 and prior , admitted Fall 2016 or after . For a listing of all health and physical education required classes including course descriptions, please visit the undergraduate catalog.

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