Fall Semester Schedule - Two Year Course Plan

Listed below is an example of a curriculum plan for a full-time student starting the MPH: Nutrition in the fall semester. The MPH: Nutrition program can be completed in 2 years when a student is studying on a full-time basis. Students are able to start the program in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. It is important to consult with program advisors when selecting courses and designing curriculum plans. Additional information on courses and curriculum plans can be found on the Nutrition Advising Sheet .

Fall Semester - Year One

  • HEA 520: Public Health Epidemiology
  • NTD 503: Human Nutrition
  • NTD 515: Public Health Nutrition

Spring Semester - Year One

  • HEA 526: Biostatistics in Public Health
  • HEA 516: Health Care Management
  • NTD 625: Nutrition Programs & Policies

Summer Semester - Year One

  • (2) NTD 6**: Geriatric Nutrition
  • (2) NTD 6**: Elective

Fall Semester - Year Two

  • HEA 648: Research Methods in Public Health
  • HEA 632: Social/Behavioral Aspects Health
  • NTD 610: Nutrition Assessment

Spring Semester - Year Two

  • ENV 530: General Environmental Health
  • NTD 600: Maternal Child Nutrition
  • HEA 649: Applied Learning Experience I

Summer Semester - Year One

  • HEA 650: Applied Learning Experience II
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