Student Covid Info Fall 2021 Monitoring

Information below is only for the Fall 2021 semester.

How will we handle outbreaks among students?

In the case of an outbreak, we will work with the PA Department of Health and Chester County Health Department to implement response protocols as required. A COVID-19 Dashboard ( has been created to keep track of current vaccination rates among our student population, results of the previous day’s testing outcomes, and trend data for the previous seven-day period.


How will we track exposure?

The responsibility for contact tracing and case investigations is with the Chester County Health Department. Student Health Services will track isolation directives for athletics and on-campus residence.


If we do not reach 70% vaccination threshold, how will we change our processes?

Our process will not change if we don’t meet the 70% vaccination rate. We will still adhere to social distancing, if possible, and mask wearing. Quarantine and isolation won’t change unless we receive different guidance.


Where do I upload my vaccination card? 

To upload your vaccination card, log in to MyWCU and click on the Upload Vaccination Card tile from the Student Homepage. 


Who do I contact if I need to make arrangements for my classes while I'm quarantining? 

It is the student’s responsibility to contact their professors and make arrangements for assignments. We will assist them in any way possible through the faculty notification request process with Student Assistance or the student Ombud's manager for assistance if necessary. 

While we are unable to share specific protected health information and we cannot require anyone to share this information, we do encourage students to inform their professors and employers and anyone else who needs to know. There may be instances where some notification is necessary and we will work with the students on this notification process. 

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