Updated: March 25, 2020


As an AFSCME or SCUPA bargaining unit employee am I permitted to work from home?

Yes.  There is a system-wide Procedure/Standard outlining the telecommuting and alternate work site procedures. If your position is deemed essential for the purposes of working remotely (i.e. from home) you will be notified by your manager.

What types of travel restrictions can be placed on employees and students?


West Chester University has prohibited international and out-of-state travel for University purposes and directed that employees shall only virtually participate in externally hosted meetings, conferences, trainings, or community events. Currently, in-person participation of such meetings is prohibited.

  If I am deemed non-essential and I cannot work from home, will I continue to be paid?

Yes. You will be placed on administrative leave and you will continue to be paid and have benefits for ten (10) business days in accordance with Management Directive 530.17 .


Can I file for unemployment at this time?


During your ten (10) days of administrative leave you remain employed and are compensated for your regular hours (either 37.5 or 40 hours per week). Eligibility for unemployment is the responsibility of the Pennsylvania Office of Unemployment Compensation. We cannot advise about unemployment compensation questions.

What is social distancing and what are social distancing best practices?    

Most often, the spread of respiratory viruses from person-to-person happens among close contacts, when you are physically within 6 feet of someone. It is important for everyone to practice social distancing and employees should follow CDC and PA Dept. of Health guidance.

Do I have to come to work during this pandemic?

Essential employees as identified by their chain-of-command should report to work on campus unless directed otherwise.

West Chester University is not closed. We have implemented a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and may activate or place on administrative leave other essential employees specific to this pandemic situation in accordance with the COOP.

Questions about your role as an essential employee should be directed to your chain-of-command.

I have a compromised immune system, I am listed as essential, and I have to report to campus. Can I request to work from home?

Please contact the Office of Human Resources. You may be asked to provide a doctor’s note and provide information regarding any work-related restrictions.  This documentation will need to be reviewed in accordance with the employee’s assigned duties.

If an employee self-quarantines at their home, can they use sick leave since the advice is to not seek medical attention because the doctor’s offices may be overwhelmed?

Yes. Please notify your chain-of-command if you are self-quarantining due to illness or a potential exposure. Your leave may be covered as part of the Office Closure Policy, Management Directive 530.17 .

If I am sick and cannot come to work, do I need to provide a doctor’s note to return to work once I am healthy?

The State System is waiving the 3-day requirement as of 3/13/2020 for COVID-19 related illnesses. Prior to you return to work, you should speak with your supervisor or manager.

How will paper paychecks be distributed?

Effective with the March 27, 2020 payday, paper paychecks will be mailed from the Office of the Chancellor directly to the employee’s address on file. Direct deposit statements will be held at the Office of the Chancellor until normal operations resume.    

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