Spring 2021 Employee FAQs

1. What are some resources on campus for supporting students' academic success, students in crisis, and other concerns I may have about my students this semester?

2. NEW 10/7/20 When will WCU begin re-entry to campus for employees?

Effective November 21, 2020, the majority of University services will be conducted remotely. Those services and essential functions that require an on-campus presence will continue to do so.

3. NEW 10/7/20 Will offices be expected to be fully staffed?

Just as we are working to provide for social distancing in our classrooms, we are working to decrease the number of staff members in offices on any given day. Using a rotation schedule, we will ensure that we are providing in-person service while providing for social distancing for our employees. Many offices may not be fully staffed in person on campus, with a portion of the office continuing to work remotely on a rotating basis to aid in social distancing.

Effective November 21, 2020, the majority of University services will be conducted remotely. Those services and essential functions which require an on campus presence will continue to do so.

4. How is social distancing being practiced in offices/departments?

  • Unit leads have been asked to determine how individual office space will be managed in an effort to actively practice social distancing and maintain the health/safety of all.
  • The University has decreased the number of staff on campus on any given day.
  • Elevator access is limited to two persons per car.
  • All faculty office hours and student advising have transitioned to remote interaction (i.e. Zoom meetings).
  • All non-instructional meetings among faculty, staff, and students will continue to be conducted remotely (i.e. Zoom meetings).
  • Clear space barriers (portable roll-up or rigid) have been installed in offices where in-person visits are required and for front-facing in-person service locations.
  • Signage has been installed across campus to encourage social distancing both inside buildings and outside.

5. NEW 11/19/20 What are the work expectations and guidelines?  

In response to the November 18 order by the PA Secretary of the Department of Health that requires all those within the Commonwealth to wear a mask away from home, the University has issued a memorandum that replaces the April 22, 2020, memorandum.

In brief, employees are obligated to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth while at work. All employees within indoor spaces must wear a mask irrespective of physical distance from others, unless they are within a closed room, alone, with the door closed. Employees working outdoors are required to wear a mask when unable to maintain sustained physical distance throughout their shift. This applies to all employees.

The wearing of a mask over both the nose and mouth is a critical component in addressing the pandemic, a work rule related to employee safety, and a sign of mutual respect for the health and safety of our colleagues and their loved ones to whom they return at the end of their workday.

Updated: Memo to Faculty and Staff - William J Helzlsouer

6. What about testing?

We are working on partnerships with community resources and have developed protocols that direct students and staff to appropriate health care and testing options as needed. We will monitor and update these protocols as guidance evolves.

7. What is the protocol for cleaning in offices spaces?

To facilitate increased focus on common area disinfection operations, Custodial Services has provided sanitizer and wipes in a common area of the office suites to help those who are required to be on campus to maintain their personal space.

8. What priorities will the Custodial Staff have for cleanliness and disinfecting common spaces?  

Priorities for Custodial Services staff are as follows:

  • Addressing issues of safety hazards within buildings
  • Cleaning and disinfecting common area high touch points (door handles, etc.)
  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms
  • Cleaning and disinfecting entrances and elevators
  • Cleaning disinfecting hallways and stairwells
  • Cleaning disinfecting laboratories and conference areas


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