Considerations for Fall 2020

Keeping everyone in our community safe, while supporting the success of our students, remains a priority for all those at West Chester University. The WCU administration continues to assess the progress to combat Covid-19 on a daily basis as it follows federal and state guidance on best practices, as well as directives from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). In keeping with this, WCU will follow PASSHE’s instructions to provide remote instruction for summer classes and remote activities.

Similarly, any decision on fall classes and/or activities on campus will be informed by guidance from federal and state authorities, as well as PASSHE. Please know that we will be sure to post any decisions regarding the fall semester as soon as a final decision can be determined. We hope to have final fall semester guidance by July 1 and encourage you to continue monitoring our web-site. Like most universities in the country, we are watching intently to see how the pandemic evolves.

Additional Information for Staff

Guidance provided by Governor Wolf on April 22, 2020 indicates that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will reopen in three phases (red, yellow, and green). WCU is seeking additional clarification on the parameters surrounding these phases and will monitor definitions, as well as our region’s status. As the governor makes determinations about the status of regional readiness to move between phases, the University will be routinely reassessing the need and appropriateness of employees to be physically present on campus in support of maintaining business continuity. As such, some personnel may be called back to work during a phase other than green. All personnel who are currently working from home will continue to do so until directed back to their official duty station by their supervisor or the Office of Human Resources.

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