The information included on this dashboard pulls data from information provided by Student Health Services. 
Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with information, while maintaining privacy of individuals.

Please visit Student FAQs and Employee FAQs for more information.



Current WCU Status

Current Vaccination Status

Student Vaccination Status

Of WCU’s total population of 17,609 students, 15,564 have in-person classes at one of the University’s campuses, the remainder have fully online schedules.

Of these students, 65.9% have indicated they are vaccinated/partially vaccinated.

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Current Status of Positive Cases

Positive Testing Cases (on Sept 27, 2021)

Vaccinated Cases

0 Total Cases on 9/27/21
0 Symptomatic Positive
0 Asymptomatic Positive

Unvaccinated Cases

1 Total Cases on 9/27/21
0 Symptomatic Positive
1 Asymptomatic Positive

Self Reported Cases

2 Total Cases on 9/27/21

Known Tests and Cases

215 Total Daily Tests Conducted on 9/27/21

3Number of Students Tested Positive 9/27/21

212Number of Students Tested Negative 9/27/21

19 Total Active Cases (as of 9/27/21) 1
*Active cases are individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have not ended isolation.

13Off Campus Active Students

6 On Campus Active Students

All WCU students who test positive for COVID-19
must isolate off campus.




1 The number of active cases is impacted by various factors. The case count is only a snapshot at the time the dashboard is updated (once daily). Some individuals who are asymptomatic may seek confirmatory PCR tests (which can take 2-4 days) and may receive indication of a false positive. For those individuals, especially if vaccinated and/or no known exposure, they may be released early from isolation.  The date of symptom onset is another factor which may have onset prior to the testing date. These are all factors that impact how long students may be in isolation.

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