Orkideh Mohajeri


Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
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Orkideh Mohajeri joined the faculty at West Chester University in Fall 2018, and holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development, with a focus on Higher Education, from the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation, “Constructions at the borders of whiteness: The discursive framing of contested white students at a predominantly white institution of higher education” considers how racial discourses extant in U.S. society co-construct subjectivity for liminally situated groups of undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Mohajeri spent 12 years in academic affairs and student services at the University of Minnesota, and one year at Centro Universitario del Bienestar Rural outside of Cali, Colombia, before joining the faculty at West Chester.


Dr. Mohajeri teaches graduate courses in Educational Foundation and Policy Studies, particularly courses affiliated with the Master’s of Science in Higher Education Policy & Student Affairs and the Doctorate of Education.

Dr. Mohajeri's principal specializations are in:

  • Higher Education & Student Affairs
  • Critical Whiteness Studies
  • Critical Discourse Analysis and Critical Narrative Analysis
  • Human Resource Development

She primarily teaches courses in:

  • College Student Identity Development
  • Critical Action Research
  • Leadership and Administration in Higher Education


Dr. Mohajeri’s most recent publications and presentations include:

Mohajeri, O. (2022). The “unwanted, colored male”: Gendered contested white subjectivity hailed through contemporary racial discourse. In M. P. Johnston-Guerrero, L. D. Combs & V. K. Malaney Brown (Eds.), Preparing for higher education’s mixed race future: Why multiraciality matters. Palgrave Macmillan. View here.

Mohajeri, O. (2021). “Fly on the wall” moments reveal whiteness-at-work for contested white graduate students. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. View here.

Mohajeri, O., & Lou, H. C. (2021). Mixed and multiracial student organizations on campus: The necessity of weaving together art and critique. In M. P. Johnston-Guerrero & C. L. Wijeyesinghe (Eds.), Multiracial experiences in higher education: Contesting knowledge, honoring voice, and innovating practice. Stylus.

Mohajeri, O., Snyder, S., & Rodriguez, F. (2020). Navigating college choice through female peer-to-peer capital: The case of Somali-American college-seeking women. Journal of Access, Retention, and Inclusion in Higher Education, 3, 48-59. View the article here.

Mohajeri, O. & madyun, n. (2020). Review of the book, Campus uprisings: How student activists and collegiate leaders resist racism and create hope, by T. M. O. Douglas, K. G. Shockley & I. Toldson (Eds.). Teachers College Record. View the book review here.

Mohajeri, O. (2020, January). Whiteness-at-work in our pedagogy and institutions. Public talk sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Oakland University, Rochester, MI.

Mohajeri, O., Rodriguez, F. & schneider, f. (2020). Pursuing intersectionality as a pedagogical tool in the higher education classroom. In W. C. Byrd, S. Ovink, & R. Brunn-Bevel (Eds.), Intersectionality and higher education: Identity and inequality on college campuses. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. Find the book here.

Mohajeri, O. & Herron, J. (2019, July). “Mixed folk are gonna save the world!” – Let’s disrupt this single story together! Workshop presentation at the 2nd Biennial Midwest Mixed Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Mohajeri, O. (2019, April). Contested white students at an institution of higher education: The construction of shame and responsibilization. Paper presentation at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Toronto, Canada. Roundtable session entitled “(Re)Positioning Privilege, Power, and Praxis in the Interrogation of Whiteness,” Special Interest Group on the Critical Examination of Race, Ethnicity, Class and Gender in Education.

Mohajeri, O. (2018, November). The tipping point and the discursive framing of contested white students. Paper presentation at the Association for the Study of Higher Education 43rd Annual Conference, Tampa, FL.


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