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Master of Social Work

New Students

Contact Master of Social Work  

Master of Social Work

West Chester Campus

Anderson Hall 
725 S. Church St 
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone:  610-436-2664

PASSHE Center City

701 Market Street, Concourse Level 
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: 610-436-2664


Welcome to the Program

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Masters of Social Work (MSW) Program at West Chester University. We are delighted you have chosen social work as a career and West Chester University as an important partner in your professional journey.

On this page you will find a variety of information to help navigate the process of being a new MSW student. Please review all of the menu items below and reach out to Jeanean Mohr, Assistant Director of Recruitment and Admissions, if you have any questoins. We're here to help!

myWCU Email Account

Outside of the classroom, email is the primary means of communication between faculty/staff and students. It is critical that you check your account regularly to stay informed of important departmental information. Announcements from the department may be sent using MailChimp, our email automation tool. Please DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE FROM MSW MAIL as you will miss key information.

When communicating with us via email, please be sure to use your email and INCLUDE YOUR STUDENT ID. This will help us provide you with efficient service.

Set up your email account.

Course Registration

The Graduate Social Work Department registers ALL first-semester students. If you are a new student, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER YOURSELF FOR CLASSES. To be registered you must:

  1. Pay your deposit to the Graduate School;
  2. Set up your email account;
  3. Select a Course Plan and determine if evening or day classes are best for you. Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions, Jeanean Mohr, will be in touch with you to discuss your options.

Once you have been registered, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for accessing your schedule in the myWCU system.

Test Out Exams

Regular Standing MSW students are required to take SWG 554: Human Development across the Lifespan and SWG: 533 Methods of Social Work Research as part of the curriculum. Because we recognize that some students may have substantial knowledge in these areas from work experience or prior academic study, we offer every student the opportunity to test out of these two courses. The exams are available to INCOMING STUDENTS AFTER PROGRAM MATRICULATION.

You will receive an email from the MSW Department providing instructions for accessing the exams through the University's D2L site.

If you have any questions about the exams, please contact Jeanean Mohr. If you have trouble logging in to take the exams, please contact D2L Services at 610-436-3350. 

*Advanced Standing students do not take SWG554 and SWG533; therefore, they will not receive information about the test-out exams.

Changing Campuses

Unless written permission is granted from the MSW Graduate Coordinator, all generalist and specialized courses (required courses) must be taken at the campus where a student is registered. Elective courses may be taken at either campus at any time and do not require written permission from the department.

If a student wishes to transfer campuses, they must submit a Change Campus Location form and receive written confirmation of the approved change.


Accepted students may defer their enrollment for a period of up to two years after notice of acceptance.

To defer, students must submit their $100 deposit to the Graduate College. Upon confirmation of payment, a student may request through the Graduate College to defer enrollment. The Graduate College will confirm the anticipated enrollment date with the student.

Given that the Graduate Social Work Department does not have spring semester enrollment, students who defer may begin enrollment in fall semesters only. The exception to this is Advanced Standing students who complete bridge courses during the summer session that begins at the end of May.

Field Placement

If you are a full-time or advanced standing student, you must complete a Field Placement Application to initiate the placement process. Instructions for completing your Field Placement Application

After your application is completed, please email your Field Director (see contact information below) to set up a time to discuss your placement opportunities.

Melissa Dziedzic, MSW
Director of Field Education, West Chester Campus

Tangela Harden, MSS
Director of Field Education, Philadelphia Campus

Part-time students begin the field placement process during their second year and should not expect to receive information regarding field prior to beginning the program.

Explore general information about MSW field education for students on our website.

Important Dates

  • Advanced Standing Orientation - March 2020 (date TBD)
  • May 1, 2020 is the last day to submit your Field Placement Application and to contact your Field Director to set up a placement appointment
  • Field site must have Affiliation Agreement by the University’s established date for the last day of add/drop
  • Extended hours (if applicable) must be submitted and approved by the University’s established date for the last day to withdraw

* Extension of above due dates must be approved by the Graduate Social Work Field Director

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