Doctorate of Education in Policy, Planning, and Administration

Attention teachers, school administrators, and other education practitioners! 

Program of Study

This Ed.D. program will prepare regional professionals in all aspects of educational leadership. As a major PreK-16+ partner to the school districts, the College of Education developed a program that equips practicing educators with the knowledge and skills to conduct relevant research while enhancing their instructional skills. This professional doctorate offers a practical, research-based, and clinically oriented terminal degree that builds on the strong, dynamic programs that West Chester University has offered throughout the years. The program provides professional educators in a variety of settings the skills necessary to identify challenges/questions in their practice and develop action research agendas to inform possible solutions and initiatives.

Program goals

After successfully completing the Ed.D. program, candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the process and usefulness of applied research in the contemporary education environment.

  • Enhance the capacity to strategically plan and organize pursuits to affect successful outcomes and policy formation.

  • Exhibit a sense of integrity, purpose, fairness, and ethical behavior.

  • Possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to positively impact the learning of all students.

  • Conduct applied research to produce reliable findings to advance one’s ability to make informed decisions, produce effective planning, and contribute to the development of relevant educational policy.

  • Appreciate the value of working collaboratively with others, recognizing the diversity of the talent and skills of all, while providing leadership as appropriate.

  • Understand current trends in education that affect multiple stakeholders across varying contexts.

  • Effectively communicate critical issues in education to various audiences


  • Monday, June 22 6:00 p.m.

    Cohort 5

    Virtual Orientation

    Link will be sent to matriculated students

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