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Candidate Services - Clearances

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College of Education & Social Work

35 W. Rosedale Ave.
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West Chester, PA 19383

General Information: 610-436-2321

Candidate Services: 610-436-2999
Certification Information: 610-436-2321
Clearances: 610-436-2999
Clinical Experiences: 610-436-3090
Deans Office: 610-436-2321
Professional Testing Center: 610-436-2413



The State of Pennsylvania requires that all persons who interact with children in schools must have clearances for their field courses.

  • Courses Requiring Clearances
  • Background checks/clearances are good for one year and CANNOT expire (turn one year old) during a semester.
  • Volunteer versions of the PA Child Abuse History Certification and PA State Police Criminal Record Check are NOT accepted.
  • Photocopies are NOT accepted.
  • Please keep a folder of original clearances (background checks and TB test), as it may be a requirement to present them to field placements. Never give away original copies, only provide photocopies to placements.
  • Candidate Services does not make and/or send copies to students. Please keep clearances in a safe and readily accessible location.
  • Instructions to Complete Clearance Forms
  • WCU TB Test Form (Preferred)
  • Release Form required with Clearances
  • For Spring 2019 field courses, apply/renew clearances on or after December 10, 2018.
  • Clearance Renewal Days, December 10 & 11, 2018 in Candidate Services, Wayne 107.
  • International student clearance information, please contact Candidate Services at 610-436-2999.


Wayne Hall, Suite 107
125 W. Rosedale Avenue
West Chester, PA, 19383 
Te: 610-436-2999, Fax: 610-436-2874

Judith A. MacDonald, M.A. 
Associate Director

Denise Meikle 
Administrative Assistant

TB Testing

TB Test must be within 3 months prior to the first field class. (The first field class for a program, not the first field class for the academic year or semester.) If you currently have a TB test that is less than a year from the given date (do not retest within one calendar year), please contact the Office of Candidate Services at 610-436-2999.

  • EGP Majors ONLY: Repeat TB test every 2 years
  • All Others: No retest is needed until applying for student teaching except in rare cases

Test Administration

  • Your primary care physician
  • Student Health Services (Commonwealth Hall, Ground Floor • 610-436-2509)
    • Cost: $34 with charge applied to student account
    • Walk-In TB clinic during the first week of the semester, 10 am to 2 pm
  • The Occupational Health Center (915 Old Fern Hill Road, Building A, Suite 3, West Chester, PA 19380 • 610-738-2450)
    • Hours: 7:30-5:00. No appointment necessary. Minimum 30 minute wait. No testing on Thursdays.
    • Cost: $22 cash or check
    • Many drug stores have clinics that can administer a TB test.
  • Some local Pharmacy/Drug Stores

The WCU TB Testing Form  is preferred to report the results of your TB test or a letter from your doctor including the date the test was read and the test results. Your immunization record is NOT acceptable as proof of the test and will not be accepted.

Note: Some school districts hosting early field students and student teachers require a TB test issued within the year they begin their school district assignment. School district requirements take precedence over University policy. Never retest until one year after the "date read" of previous TB report.

PA State Police Criminal Record Check


By Mail

Important: Print the certificate and not just the receipt!

PA Child Abuse History Certification


By Mail

  • Complete the PA Child Abuse Paper Application Form
  • Cost: $8 money order & fee for money order (will increase to $13 effective July 1, 2018)
    • Cash and personal checks are NOT accepted.
    • Please photocopy your money order and application form and retain for your records.
  • Clearance request and money order must be mailed to:
    • Childline & Abuse Registry, Dept. of Human Services, P.O. Box 8170, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8170
  • Call 717-783-6211 to check on your application. The office is open 9-11am and 1-4pm.

In Person

It is also possible to go to the office of the Dept. of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth, & Families in Harrisburg at 5 Magnolia Drive, Harrisburg, PA and obtain the PA Child Abuse Clearance. See directions to drive to Harrisburg  for more information.

FBI Fingerprinting Backgroud Check

The fingerprint provider for the State of PA is IdentoGo, effective November 2017. The closest fingerprinting site to campus is 814 Paoli Pike, West Chester. Other sites can be found at

To enroll, and enter Service Code 1KG6RT to get started (All teacher ed students use this same code to be fingerprinted for PDE)

Please note that the Office of Candidate Services does not yet have equipment to fingerprint with the new Commonwealth supplier, MorphoTrust/IdentoGO. The UPS store near campus is no longer a fingerprint site. Please use the link above to enroll. See Instructions to Complete Clearance Forms  for step-by-step instructions.

  • Your payment of $22.60 will be made at the IdentoGo by MorphoTrust Center via Credit Card, Business Check or Money Order when you are fingerprinted. You will then receive an email from PASafeCheck ( within 72 hours with a link to access the results of your fingerprinting where you can print your unofficial copy called the Civil Applicant Response.


Employed School Professionals

Employed school professionals can be approved for one semester only when background clearances and a TB test are submitted from the school district's Human Resources (HR) Department accompanied by a letter or email stating the employee has permission to complete field work in the school district of employment.

The HR Department must fax this letter on letterhead OR email* with school district staff member's signature block stating that the field work will be done in the school district of employment.

If the field work is going to be completed outside of the school district the clearances must be current, i.e., within one year from the date of issue.

For additional semesters, if there are no changes in employment or clearances, employed professionals can submit the Clearances from Schools and School Districts for Employed Professionals form   only indicating his or her intentions for field work.

Please Note: The employed professional cannot bring in the letter and clearances from the school district. It must be faxed to 610-436-2874 OR emailed* directly from the HR department to

*Due to the sensitive information contained in clearances, it requires sending them in a secure manner through encrypted email as directed by state guidelines. Therefore, please have the school district email me first at notifying me clearances are ready to be submitted and I will reply with an encryption in the subject line. They will then reply to my email with your attached clearances.

Out-of-State students ONLY

Follow the directions to Submit a Fingerprint Card by Mail to IdentoGO at this LINK, Enter your Service Code to get started: 1KG6RT, click GO (all teacher ed students use this same code to be fingerprinted for PDE). Only submit a fingerprint card by mail if you are not able to get to an IdentoGO fingerprinting enrollment center in Pennsylvania.

University Clearance Policies & Points to Remember

  • At present, we are only accepting clearances for candidates enrolled in educator preparation programs.
  • Keep the originals of your clearances accessible. You may be asked at any time by staff in schools and school districts to produce original clearances.
  • University policy  allows for candidates to be removed from field courses if they have not provided clearances for examination and submission before the beginning of the fourth day of the fall or spring semester. Please be sure to get your clearances submitted before the fourth day of the fall or spring semester in which you will complete a field experience, practicum, or internship, or you will be dropped from the course.
  • In the event you have arrests or convictions on any clearance document, you are required to make an appointment with the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Accreditation in the College of Education to discuss university policy concerning continuation in teacher education and take steps to be cleared for field experiences. You should not report to any field experience site without first meeting with the Associate Dean, College of Education.
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