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Parking Services

Parking/Vehicle Regulations

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Parking Services

Peoples Building 
690 South Church Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3345

8am - 2pm Monday - Friday

Students Under 30 Credits


Qualifications & Permit Eligibility

First year commuters are those students who live off campus and have accumulated fewer than 30 credits prior to the beginning of the fall semester. First year commuters are permitted to purchase a permit for South Campus and limited spaces in M1 lot only. This is an "F" permit.

Parking Lots

First year commuters with an "F" permit are permitted to park in the following parking lots:

  • M1 Lot: In spaces marked with yellow dots
  • Q lot: South of Farrell Stadium on South New Street
  • R lot: East of Farrell Stadium on Stadium Road
  • S3 lot: South New Street

Note: If there are no spaces available in the "N" permit section of M1 lot then all those with "F" permits will be required to park in lots at South Campus.


Qualifications & Permit Eligibility

First Year Residents are all resident students who have earned less than 30 credits at WCU prior to the beginning of the fall semester regardless of how many semesters they have been enrolled and transfer students posted less than 30 credits.

Students who fall into the First Year Resident category are not permitted by University policy to park their vehicles in the University parking lots. This does not prevent them from parking their vehicles in the pay parking structures located in West Chester Borough, at metered spaces on the streets, or purchasing a Borough "C" permit to park in specific areas on the streets directly adjacent to the campus. Permits for Borough "C" parking areas on the streets and semester passes for the Sharpless Street Parking Structure are available through the West Chester Borough Parking Office at the beginning of the Fall semester.

Hardship Exception

First year residents may file an "Hardship Exception" appeal to the parking regulation that prohibits them from parking a vehicle on campus. The student requesting the Hardship Exception is required to provide sufficient documentation demonstrating that inability to park on campus will create either a financial or medical hardship. By Webster definition, a hardship is "something that causes or entails suffering or privation." Therefore Hardship Exception appeals must include reasons why not being allowed to park on campus would cause them to suffer academically and/or create an inability to maintain their existence on campus. The documentation must also establish that their needs can not be successfully accommodated in any manner other than to have parking privileges extended on campus. Simply having current employment at an off campus location (local or hometown) where transportation is required, will not be sufficient reason to be granted a Hardship Exception without other mitigating circumstances.

Application Process

Those First Year Residents who wish to appeal the parking regulations that prohibit them from parking in University parking lots must submit the following documents to the University Parking Services Office;

  1. A notarized letter from a parent or guardian granting permission for the student to have a vehicle on campus is required. In lieu of the parent/guardian letter, a requester may provide documentation of financial independence and sole ownership of the vehicle to be registered.
  2. A letter from the employer, health care provider, educator, etc. is required. This letter must explain why parking on campus is needed and why employment, medical care and educational activities, cannot be accessed locally. For medical issues the letter must outline the time frame that medical attention/treatment is required. For employment the letter must include hours to be worked and salary to be paid. Any consideration on the part of an employer to assist directly with tuition etc. should be noted if applicable. University Parking Services reserves the right to contact those who write letters on behalf of a student for a Hardship Exception appeal, to verify the information they contain.
  3. A detailed letter from the student explaining why he or she requests to have a vehicle parked on campus.
  4. A copy of the registration for the vehicle to be registered. The vehicle must be registered to the student or an immediate family member of the student.

Submission of the proper documentation does not guarantee that the hardship request will be granted.

Additional supporting materials may be accepted in addition to, but not in place of, the above requirements.

When all required documentation for the Hardship Exception appeal has been received at the Parking Services Office, the student filing the appeal will be provided with a temporary parking permit allowing them to park in Lot R during the appeal process. Alterations to temporary permits is not permitted and anyone found to have altered a temporary permit will be held accountable under the WCU Student Code of Conduct and future parking privileges may be revoked.

Pre-Semester Hardship Exception Appeal Application Requirements

Students with less than 30 credits at the beginning of the Fall Semester who wish to file a Hardship Exception appeal for the fall or spring semster must submit their documentation by Friday of the second week of classes. Documentation, as outlined above, that is received after the deadline date will not be considered.

Mid-Semester Hardship Exception Appeal Applications

Students who wish to make a Hardship Exception appeal during the academic semester must additionally be able to demonstrate that the reason for the hardship has just occurred and that there was no way that the need for a Hardship Exception would have been known prior to the start of the semester.

Hardship Exception Appeal Decision Notification

All students requesting a Hardship Exception will be notified in writing regardless of whether the request was approved or denied within ten business days of the receipt of the appeal. Hardship Exceptions are not automatically granted for an entire academic year or even an entire semester. The duration of parking priviledge under a Hardship Exception will be based on the specific needs of the individual making application. Hardship Exception parking priviledges may be revoked for violations of the parking regulations.

Parking for Approved Hardship Exceptions

All students who are approved for a Hardship Exception will be issued a placard for their vehicle that will allow them to park in Lot R only. Resident students with less than 30 credits are not permitted to park in any other lots on campus.

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