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Distance Education

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Distance Education

Anderson Hall
1st Floor
725 S Church St
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2948
Fax: 610-436-2189

Distance Education Support
Phone: 610-436-3373

Recommended Tools

Academic Integrity

  • Examity
    A third-party proctoring service for students taking online exams within our Desire2Learn system.
  • TurnItIn
    Checks papers for originality and proper citation. Its feedback tools also have additional functionality that go beyond what is available from the Desire2Learn Dropbox tool.
  • Resources and Policies
    This resource provides information with respect to the accessibility and privacy policies of various digital learning materials recommended and supported by Distance Education Services.

Active Learning

  • VoiceThread
    (pilot program) A third-party interactive sharing tool that allows for multimedia based interactive discussions.

Desire2Learn Brightspace

  • Daylight Responsive Video Code Generator
    This tool will generate a responsive embed code that can be used to insert a YouTube or WCU Kaltura (My Media) video into a Desire2Learn module page template. Please note this will only work with responsive templates (such as “Sunshine”, “Dusk”, “Simplicity”, and “Horizon”) that were provided by your Instructional Designer either during or after the Spring 2018 semester.

Recording Video Lectures

  • Camtasia
    Screen recording and video editing software for Mac and Windows. Faculty can simultaneously record themselves (via their computer's webcam and microphone) and their computer screen. WCU has a site license for Camtasia, but it can only be installed on university-owned computers. Contact Bonnie Young in IT D2L Services at to make arrangements to have it installed.
  • Mediasite
    Record lectures and demonstrations using special equipment located in specific locations on campus. Videos are stored and streamed directly from the university's Mediasite server. Recording may be done with technical help or on your own (with prior training). Contact IT Multimedia Services at to arrange Mediasite training and/or to schedule a recording session.
  • Swivl
    The Swivl robot is a portable device that pivots and rotates an iPad or iPhone to record you as you move about your environment. The Office of Distance Education has a small number of Swivls to lend to faculty on a first-come, first-serve basis – contact to check for availability.
  • Recording Booth
    Located in Anderson Hall, Distance Education Service's Recording Booth is equipped with a high definition video camera, radio broadcast-quality microphone, and a dual-boot computer with commonly used recording software for both Mac and Windows. Now you can create content for your course with professional equipment and without the noise and distractions from your office or home.
  • One Button Studio
    The One-Button Studio allows you to create high-quality video recording without having to know anything about lighting, audio, and video equipment. Simply insert a flash drive and press a button to record yourself either with or without a slideshow or in front of a green screen. 

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