Proctorio is a fully automated online proctoring program that lays over assessments built in D2L. Because Proctorio is built using a Google Chrome extension, all faculty and students using it must be working in a Chrome browser and be willing to add the extension to their computer (directions on how to do this are below.)

Adding Proctorio to your D2L Course (for Faculty)

If you are interested in using Proctorio in your course, fill out the Proctorio Request Form to request a connection at least two weeks before the desired exam date. You will receive a confirmation with further directions once your request has been fulfilled.

Once your course is connected, you will want to add the Proctorio Google Chrome Extension to your browser. A step-by-step guide has been created to help you through this process.

Student Resources

Students will also need the Proctorio Google Chrome extension to take exams administered with Proctorio. Feel free to disseminate this step-by-step guide to students that shares screenshots of what they are most likely to see the first time they connect with Proctorio.

We have also created A Student's Introduction to Proctorio video:

Finally, for common issues, students should check out our Proctorio Troubleshooting Guide which will allow them to avoid and/or quickly solve common usage errors.  

Should a student get stuck at any point in the extension download or Proctorio launch, they can reach out to 

The Office of Digital Learning and Innovation

for assistance. 

Proctorio Guides

Proctorio has also shared some resources they have created to help with the on-boarding process. 

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