Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an online response system that allows users to engage audiences through live online polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, word clouds, and more. This tool can be integrated with the Gradebook in any D2L Course.

Getting Started

The Office of Digital Learning and Innovation administrates WCU’s site license for Poll Everywhere. Anyone can sign into Poll Everywhere with their WCU Credentials, using SSO (single-sign-on). There are two types of users:

Participants (typically students) can sign into Poll Everywhere and respond to polls and activities. This role is automatically assigned to anyone who signs into Poll Everywhere with their WCU Credentials. Directions for students to login to Poll Everywhere can be found in the Poll Everywhere: Student Login with SSO knowledgebase article.

Presenters (typically faculty or staff) can create Poll Everywhere Activities and pull user responses to their D2L Gradebook. Users must contact Jessica Drass at jdrass@wcupa.edu to request this account type. Once your request has been fulfilled, you will receive an invitation from Poll Everywhere to join WCUPA’s account. Follow the steps in the Poll Everywhere: Accepting WCUPA’s Poll Everywhere Presenter Invitation knowledgebase article for a step-by-step guide of this process.


D2L Gradebook Integration

Poll Everywhere can be integrated with the D2L Gradebook in any course, allowing instructors to easily grade activities for accuracy or participation. Before instructors pull in grades, they must connect their course to Poll Everywhere and import the student roster. The following resources will walk you through this process:

  1. Connect to a D2L Course
  2. Importing Class Rosters
  3. Pulling Grades into D2L
    1. Best Practices for Managing Poll Everywhere Grade Items in D2L
    2. Using Poll Everywhere's D2L Integration to Keep Track of Attendance

Additionally, you will need to make sure that your Poll Everywhere Activity has the correct settings enabled for grades to be imported successfully. Review the Poll Everywhere: Activity Settings for D2L Gradebook Integration knowledgebase article for directions on enabling the correct settings.

If you have any questions about Poll Everywhere D2L Gradebook Integration, contact the Office of Digital Innovation at distanceed@wcupa.edu.

Presentation Options

Poll Everywhere Activities can be presented synchronously by inserting the activity into a PowerPoint or Keynote file or presenting directly from the web. They can also be shared asynchronously via a response link or embed code.

Use the following resources to learn how to present your Poll Everywhere Activities utilizing your preferred method:

If you have any questions about presenting Poll Everywhere Activities, contact the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation at distanceed@wcupa.edu.


The Teams feature of Poll Everywhere allows presenters to share activities with one another. Activities shared with a Team may be viewed, reported, and presented by all members of the team. This is useful for presenters who would like to share Activities across their department, or if multiple faculty teach the same section of class.

Only account administrators can create and edit Teams. You can request the creation of a Team by completing the Poll Everywhere Team Request Form. If you have any questions about Poll Everywhere Teams, contact Jessica Drass at jdrass@wcupa.edu.

Support and Additional Resources

If you have questions about Poll Everywhere, contact the Office of Digital Learning and Innovation during normal business hours at distanceed@wcupa.edu or reach out to Jessica Drass directly at jdrass@wcupa.edu

Additional Resources:

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