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Distance Education

Anderson Hall
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Phone: 610-436-2948
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Distance Education Support
Phone: 610-436-3373

Examity for Instructors

If you are interested in using Examity in your distance education course, please consider the following guidelines:

  1. You must contact the Office of Distance Education ( at least 30 days in advance of your course's first proctored exam. This is to allow IT and Examity enough time to setup the integration with your course, for you to learn how to use it, and for your students to register with Examity and schedule their exam(s).
  2. Any exam that would be proctored by Examity must be worth at least 15% of your students' final grade. This is to keep the costs of the service under control, and this percentage is subject to change. All costs related to Examity are currently being covered by the university.
  3. Examity is a proctoring solution specifically designed for distance courses and is not a cost-effective solution for face-to-face courses. It is only available for use with fully online courses at this time.

The video, Accessing Examity as a Desire2Learn User, provides a general overview of Examity's service.


Once Examity has been integrated into my course, how do I set it up?

Either someone from the Examity support staff or the Office of Distance Education will assist you with the initial setup.

How long after an exam will the students' videos become available to view?

No more than 48 hours. This gives the proctor time to provide notes about their session with the student, and then the video is reviewed by an auditor for quality control.

Does Examity decide whether or not cheating has occurred?

No. Examity's flagging system is used to bring attention to various issues, but the instructor makes the final determination on whether or not they believe cheating has occurred.

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