Examity is an online proctoring program used in distance education courses for specific types of exams. If you are interested in using Examity in your course, please fill out the Examity Request Form at least two weeks before the desired exam date.

Please share the following information with your students as there are certain technical requirements to a successful exam seating.

Technical Requirements

Before your exam, please confirm you meet Examity's technical requirements. 

  • Browser: Google Chrome. Please disable your pop-up blocker.
  • Equipment: Desktop or laptop computer built-in or external webcam, microphone, and speakers.  
  • Internet: An upload and download speed of 2Mbps.
  • Note: Tablets and Chromebooks are not supported.

Getting Started Guide- Automated Proctoring

The Office of Digital Learning and Innovation has sourced a step by step guide to getting started with automated proctoring in Examity. Feel free to share this guide with your students. 

Proctoring Levels

Examity offers three distinct levels of proctoring. 

Level 1S: Automated Standard

No scheduling is required in this “on-demand solution.” Students can register for and take the exam all in the same sitting. In this fully automated proctoring solution, Examity’s biometric software will record the test-taking session and provide snapshots of any behavior violations, be they auditory, visual, or systemic. Students do NOT receive live support for this option.

Level 1P: Automated Premium

Similar to automated standard, no scheduling is required for automated proctoring- students can register for and take the exam all in the same sitting. Examity captures audio, motion, and systemic changes to identify inappropriate behaviors. After the test is finished, a live proctor will ALSO view the recording, providing a second set of eyes on the exam session, and helping to avoid “false positives.” Students have access to live support via hotline/email/ and chat.

Level 3: Live 

A live proctor monitors the test taker’s surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam using the test taker's webcam. Examity proctors may comment and troubleshoot in real-time during the test. After testing, a second proctor also reviews the exam session.  Live proctors can provide technical support as needed. Instructors will have full access to each exam recording with time stamped flags and comments on test-taker behavior. Students must schedule these exams, using the Examity dashboard, ahead of time.

Please note that live proctoring is only available for exams which will make up 25% or more of a total class grade.  

Additionally, live proctoring is only available for classes under 25 students (as per the CAP-C distance education course recommended class size limit.) 

Please be reminded that Examity is a solution that is only offered for our distance education courses. This means that at least 80% of your course needs to be offered online.

If you already have an Examity integration with your D2L course, you will see the three proctoring levels available for choice in a drop-down menu during exam set-up. If you are interested in adding Examity to your course, please contact your instructional designer.  

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