eTextbook Bookshelf

Faculty authors participating in the eTextbook Initiative have completed the following books:

Blake et Al

Michelle Blake, Margaret Ervin, Stacy Esch, Ilknur Sancak-Marusa, and Jamie Woodlief

Effective Writing & Supplemental Workshop: A WRT 123 e-Handbook

Anne Botteger Book

Anne Boettger

Animal Histology: A Comprehensive Guide to the West Chester University Laboratory Materials

Jennifer's First Year

David Bolton

Jennifer's First Year: A Focus on Assessment

Constance Case Book

Constance Case

Costume Construction: Basic Theatrical Sewing Techniques

Martin Delgado book

Martin Dallago

A Guide to Stage Management at West Chester University

Dotty Ives Dewey Book

Dorothy Ives Dewey

People, Space, and Place: Fundamentals of Human Geography and its Applications

L. Megan Mahoney

L. Meghan Mahoney

Media Audience Case Studies

Mahoney and Lorden

L. Meghan Mahoney and Edward Lordan

Strategic Communication Campaign Handbook

MrKich Book

Shannon Mrkich

Effective Writing in College

3 book series Penny Krueger Ross

Chris Penny and Matthew Kruger-Ross

Integrating Educational Technology for Effective Teaching & Learning

Jordan Shugar Book

Jordan Schugar

Somewhat Practical Applications for Digital Storytelling

Gretchen Studlien-Webb Book

Gretchen Studlien-Webb

The Dancer's Body

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