eTextbook Initiative

The Office of Digital Learning and Innovation’s eTextbook Initiative was founded in 2017 as a way to help combat the rising costs of textbooks by teaching WCU faculty how to build their own high-quality, interactive electronic textbooks. These textbooks are then provided to WCU students for free, helping to lower the overall cost of their education while removing the financial barrier to obtaining these educational materials.

This initiative has three primary objectives:

  • Improve access to educational materials
  • Save students money (or provide more value for their money) by replacing high-cost print and electronic textbooks
  • Develop faculty competencies on technological tools needed to create eTextbooks and content for eTextbooks

Notable Numbers 

10 eTextbooks currently in use

Used by 1,507 Students

Used in 71 sections of 42 courses

Student savings to date: $63,437

Courses Using eTextbooks from this Initiative

Course Number Course Name Instructor(s)
BIO 428 Animal Histology S. A. Boettger
DAN 210 The Dancer's Body G. Studlien-Webb
EDT 300 Introduction to Educational Technology Integration C. Penny
EDT 349 Technology Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning M. Kruger-Ross, C. Penny
EDT 500 Integrating Educational Technology for Effective Instruction M. Kruger-Ross, C. Penny
ERM 353 Ethical and Effective Assessment for Learning: Early Grades D. Bolton
ERM 354 Ethical and Effective Assessment for Learning: Middle Grades D. Bolton
ERM 355 Ethical and Effective Assessment for Learning 7-12 D. Bolton
GEO 103 Human Geography D. Ives Dewey
LIT 100 Popular Culture: Reading Culture as Text J. Schugar
LIT 219 Literature for Young Children J. Schugar
MDC 323 Media Audiences L. M. Mahoney
MDC 325 Strategic Social Media L. M. Mahoney
MDC 460 Communication and Advertising E. Lordan
THA 116 Costume Construction C. Case
WRT 120 Effective Writing I J. Schugar
WRT 123 Effective Writing with Supplemental Writing Workshop J. Schugar
WRT 200 Critical Writing and Research J. Schugar
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