Student Response Systems

Student Response Systems, is a technology used to promote active learning in classrooms. Student Response Systems have been around for several decades but have gained increasing popularity in educational classrooms in recent years. The system allows groups of people to participate in polling activities, vote on a topic, take a survey or answer a question. The responses are tabulated and displayed back to the participants. Turning Technologies, is the main university supported Student Response System solution.  

Recent research on Student Response Systems found using clickers in the classroom had a measurable impact on students in the following areas:

  • Attendance – Students who know they will be assessed attendance points via clicker input are more likely to show up for class.

  • Preparation for Class – Students come to class more prepared for quizzes and with completed homework.

  • Enthusiasm – Improved atmosphere in the classroom and increased student enthusiasm for learning.

  • Attentiveness – Students will stay more attentive and focused throughout the entire class as questions are posed and answered.

  • Participation – Reaches all learners, even quiet or shy students have a voice, so the entire class can participate in the lesson.

  • Confidence in Learning – Students can answer questions more confidently when there is no stigma of being incorrect.

  • Student Understanding – By seeing their answers compared to others, students can gauge their understanding of the material and focus their review.

  • Collaboration – Clicker activities such as polling questions, stimulates discussion among students, allowing them to interact with each other.

  • Active Learning – Interaction and participation in collaborative discussions increases student engagement, and their level of activity in the learning process.

Faculty Information

Decide which option to use in class

  • Mobile Device - Phone, Laptop, Tablet
  • Clickers- available for purchase via Turning Technologies and SSI bookstore

** All options require a license**

How to save your students money

  • Use the mobile version - Students then only need to buy the license
  • The license and any associated devices can be used in multiple classes at once. Multiple devices can be added to the license.

 To get started: 

  • You can find Turning Point Account in D2L under "University Resources". Once you create an account. You will be able to download the Turning Technologies app. The wheel icon at the top right will also provide additional help and support. 
  • Choose a polling type:
    • AnyWhere Polling – Anywhere Polling allows you to poll atop any application, including web pages, videos and documents, using a floating interactive toolbar.
    • PowerPoint Polling – PowerPoint Polling is an add-in to PowerPoint, which allows you to poll using questions built in PowerPoint.
  • Plan your lessons
  • Set up your participant list
  • Choose the devices required for your class
    • Mobile devices (phone, laptop, tablet)
    • Clicker (available for purchase via Turning or SSI Bookstore)

 Attend Training

 Get Support:

Student Information

Licenses are required for all clickers and mobile devices and are available at the WCU Bookstore on the Turning Technologies store (accessible via your account)

How to save money

  • Use the mobile version - Then you only need to buy the license (check with your instructor/syllabus for course instructions)
  • Remember, the license and clickers are able to be used in multiple classes at once and beyond the semester

Account setup

  1. Access your Turning Account via your class D2L page and Clicker Widget on the HOME page of your D2L class or via the University Resources menu on your D2L home page.
  2. Create account as directed using your WCU credentials
  3. Click register my clicker
  4. Enter license and device information as directed in the License and  Response Devices Sections. You DO NOT need to click or add anything in the Learning Management System Section. 



Turning on the Clicker – It is always on!  Just press a button to “wake” it up!

 Not Getting Points? - Make sure your device ID is registered

Not Getting Points?- Make sure your Turning Account License is validated

Not Getting Points? - Make sure your clicker has fresh batteries

Not Getting Points? Make sure you registered and set up your account using the widget on your class D2L page


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