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President Announced $57.6 Million as the Largest Amount Raised in WCU’s History

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President Announced $57.6 Million as the Largest Amount Raised in WCU’s History

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President Announced $57.6 Million as the Largest Amount Raised in WCU's History During "Welcome Back" Address

Food From Campus-Wide Reception Was Packed & Delivered to Safe Harbor

During his "Welcome Back to WCU!" address to students, faculty, and staff on Thursday, Sept. 14, University President Christopher M. Fiorentino announced that the University's Capital Campaign, entitled Becoming More, has raised the largest amount in the school's history — $57.6 million. The campaign, which was announced in March of 2013, exceeded its goal of securing $50 million one year early. The campaign's success is attributed to focusing on five themes that resonated with WCU alumni, friends, faculty, staff, community, and students: assuring student learning and academic excellence; enhancing student development; stewarding resources; advancing inclusion and equity; and building relationships with the community.

Fiorentino said during the address, "Among the highlights [of the Campaign] were raising more than $5 million for capital projects such as the Business & Public Management Center; $3 million for new program development and equipment; $1 million for community and cultural outreach; $13 million for operations; and a whopping $33 million for 420 new scholarships and operating endowments."

As part of his address, Fiorentino articulated how the University will think strategically for the future and shared his vision of how WCU can best fulfill its mission of student success.

Fiorentino also awarded the University's annual Civility Award to Tammy James, professor of health in the College of Health Sciences, for her commitment to student success and to WCU's mission and values. James is also the coordinator for academic support services for student athletes. She was nominated by her peers for the honor.

In keeping with the University's commitment to make a difference in the lives of others, approximately 80 pounds of food from the campus-wide reception, which was held after the address, was packed and delivered to Safe Harbor, a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to provide support services to homeless single men and women in Chester County, by WCU students Grace Harvey and Brooke Macellara. The following food was donated: five bowls of fruit (27.5 pounds), six sheet-pans of veggies (34.5 pounds), four-to-five bowls of lettuce (two pounds), two plates of tomatoes (14 pounds), one large box of potato chip baggies, one tray of cookies (approximately two pounds), and two trays of iced tea. The delivery was made possible through the University's Lawrence Dining Hall (with food service provided through Aramark) and a food-recovery pilot program that was started by WCU's Denise Polk, chair of the Communication Studies Department, and Meghan Fogarty, West Chester Borough's first sustainability coordinator. Polk and Fogarty assisted the students in the delivery of the food to Safe Harbor. The food-recovery pilot program was made possible through Polk's second EPA grant.

Safe Harbor WCU Donation
Pictured (left to right) delivering food to Safe Harbor following the campus-wide reception held after President Fiorentino’s address are Meghan Fogarty, West Chester Borough sustainability coordinator; WCU students Brooke Macellara and Grace Harvey; and Denise Polk, chair of WCU’s Communication Studies Department and recipient of a second EPA grant for a food-recovery pilot program.