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Queer Quaker Environmental Comic Speaks on Sustainability Day, Oct. 27

Peterson Toscano fills a unique niche that links faith and climate change: He's a quirky, queer Quaker climate change performance artist and scholar. He's on campus for a free presentation for Sustainability Day 2016 on Thursday, Oct. 27, presenting "Everything Is Connected" at 7 p.m. It showcases his talent as a storyteller.

Toscano calls his presentation "An evening of stories. Most weird, many true." Connecting issues and ideas to bizarre personal experiences, literature, science, and even the odd Bible story, Toscano transforms himself into a wild cast of comic characters who explore the serious worlds of gender, sexuality, privilege, religion, and environmental justice. He uses his characters and monologues as a jumping off point for discussion about our frenetic times and "the spiritual resources at our disposal to face them with determination, courage, and a heart for justice."

The creator of the Climate Stew Show and host of Citizens' Climate Radio podcasts, Toscano says, "I see global warming as a human rights issue, an LGBTQ issue, a Black Lives Matter issue, and one of those issues that requires creative communication. I create spaces free of fear and shame, then focus on justice, hope, resiliency, and collective action."

He hopes his storytelling and humor help his audience better understand our world and imagine a better future and our possible roles in it.

Toscano will talk from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Philips Autograph Library in Philips Memorial Building. Free and open to the public. Sponsored by the WCU Sustainability Advisory Council.

Learn more about Toscano here.