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Name: Dr. Lori Fuller
Position: Faculty Associate to the Dean

Name: Kathy Koval
Position: Assistant Dean, Director of Business and Public Management Programs

Name: Cindy Cheyney
Position: Assistant Dean

Name: Laurie Christie
Position: Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Name: Danah Allen
Position: Communications and Impact Coordinator

Name: Paige Carey
Position: Receptionist

Star Student
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Josh Dandridge
  • Major: Accounting and Finance
  • Hometown: Pottstown, PA
  • Expected Graduation: December 2016

Why did you choose WCU and/or CBPM?
"I'm actually a transfer student. I started at the University of Delaware, but I left at the end of my freshman year. It came down to cost for me. I'm from Pennsylvania, so the in-state tuition was appealing. Here at WCU, you get a quality education at a great value. While I was still attending the University of Delaware, I took a macroeconomics course that was very interesting to me, which is why I started at WCU as an Economics and Finance Major. I then realized I preferred accounting over economics, which is how I ended up as an Accounting and Finance Major."

What professor has had the biggest impact on your time at WCU and why?
"I've had a good experience with all of my professors. However, the professor with the biggest impact on me was probably Dr. Oehlers. I know him fairly well since he's an advisor to several of the accounting clubs, including Beta Alpha Psi, of which I was president. He's been a great mentor to me."

What is your favorite thing about WCU and/or CBPM?
"I really like the people I meet here. They seem very open and sensitive to what's going on around them. As far as CBPM, I think it's really cool that there are so many opportunities outside of the classroom, like clubs and organizations to join. If you want to take advantage of it, it's there for you. I like to be involved, so it's great for me."

What groups/organizations are you involved with on campus?
"As I mentioned, I was involved with Beta Alpha Psi. While part of that honors society, I helped start a tutoring service. Since then, I recently joined the WCU Investment Group, which is a newly forming organization on campus."

Have you had an internship? If so, where and what was that experience like?
"I've had four internships, all of which I discovered through the career development center. My favorite was this past spring when I interned with PwC, one of the largest accounting firms in the world. They recruit many students from West Chester, and it was a great experience. I took last semester off to intern full-time, while also receiving credits.”

What do you plan to do after graduation?
"I received a full-time offer from PwC. I'll be working in the tax practice in Philadelphia, which is exactly aligned with my major."

What would you tell students considering CBPM?
"Honestly, go for it. You have all sorts of opportunities here, and you just have to take advantage of them. And that goes for any major, not just within CBPM."

Where is your favorite place to eat on campus?
"Greek Express. It's amazing. Their breakfast sandwiches are the best."