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Name: Dr. Lori Fuller
Position: Faculty Associate to the Dean

Name: Kathy Koval
Position: Assistant Dean, Director of Business and Public Management Programs

Name: Cindy Cheyney
Position: Assistant Dean

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Name: Danah Allen
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Position: Receptionist

Star Student
Spotlight Guillaume Lefort, Mélanie Riviere, Camille Bellanger, Florent Roccia, Amaury Hervouet

Sara Driggers

What made you decide to study abroad?
When Guillaume Lefort, Mélanie Riviere, Camille Bellanger, Florent Roccia, and Amaury Hervouet came from Caen, France to West Chester University this semester to study abroad, they weren't sure what to expect. "I wanted an opportunity to experience a new culture and a new way of life. I think America is interesting because it's such a big country. It's really interesting to see how people are today, to see how they interact with each other, and compare it to France," said Camille.

Melanie had experience with studying abroad, and leapt at the chance to do it again. "I had already studied abroad once in the Netherlands, and it was an excellent opportunity, so I wanted to do it again. I've always wanted to see college life in America."

Guillaume just wanted a change. "I wanted to see something new. I was in Dublin last year for an internship, but this is my first time as a student in another country. I chose the United States because it's bigger, everything is bigger."

Overall, it seems like these students are having the time of their lives abroad. Florent simply said, "I'm happy to be here."

Have you been able to sight see since being in America? If so, where have you gone?
Now that they're here, they have been making the most of the experience. They've been to Flyers games, West Chester basketball games, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and have lived the "American College" experience. "[West Chester] is a real American campus. It has the sports teams, the big buildings, big classes," said Guillaume.

While they've gotten the chance to visit some of America's most famous cities, they've also come to be very comfortable in West Chester. Some of their favorite restaurants include Nudy's, Barnaby's, Landmark Americana, Saloon 151, and Buddy's.

There have been a few things that they've had to adjust to since arriving in America. For example, they're used to never having to drive to get anywhere. Luckily for them, Uber has become a useful resource for them.

How is WCU different from where you go to school in France?
The "real American campus" is very different from what they're used to in France. "In our school in France, we're all one large class. Our school is a business school. It's only fifty to sixty people," said Florent. "We all go to all of our classes together. West Chester is different. You get to make your own schedule here."

If a student from your school in France was considering studying abroad at WCU, what would you tell them?
All of the students agreed that everyone should see Paris, especially if it's your first time abroad. "Definitely go to the Eifel Tower and the Montmartre."

What do you plan to do after graduation?
One thing that these students have in common with our CBPM students are their high ambitions. "Once I've gotten my Masters, I want to become an IT consultant for a management company in France. I already worked in a management company in France, and it was very good. I have one more year of studying, and then I'm done," said Florent. Guillaume is going in a different direction: "I want to work in a foreign country to improve my English, then go back to France to maybe start my own company."