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College of Business & Public Management

Dean's Office

Business and Public Management Center
Third Floor
50 Sharpless Street
West Chester, PA 19383



Name: Dr. Evan Leach
Position: Interim Dean

Name: Dr. Lisa M. Calvano
Position: Interim Associate Dean

Name: Dr. Lori Fuller
Position: Faculty Associate to the Dean

Name: Kathy Koval
Position: Assistant Dean, Director of Business and Public Management Programs

Name: Cindy Cheyney
Position: Assistant Dean

Name: Laurie Christie
Position: Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Name: Danah Allen
Position: Communications and Impact Coordinator

Name: Julie Ferris
Position: Administrative Assistant

Star Student
Spotlight Danielle Kreppel

Colin Davis
  • Major: Accounting
  • Hometown: West Chester, PA
  • Expected Graduation: May 2017

Why did you choose WCU and/or CBPM?
"I started college at Franklin and Marshall University, but realized it wasn’t for me. So, I decided to come back to my hometown where I knew WCU had a great business school. I transferred into WCU as a pre-business student. After taking a few classes, I fell in love with accounting!"

What professor has had the biggest impact on your time at WCU and why?
"The professor that has had the biggest impact on me would have to be Professor Brad Allen. He was my first accounting professor and a big reason why I picked accounting as my major. He is a great professor who always makes time for his students and was instrumental in helping me land my internship with Ernst and Young."

What is your favorite thing about WCU and/or CBPM?
"The career opportunities that are available to you at WCU are second to none. While in high school I researched a lot of colleges, most of which failed to offer the resources needed to help prepare students for their future careers. Here at WCU, especially in the CBPM, internships are highly encouraged and there are plenty of networking events offered throughout the academic year. I am confident that the education and practical experience that you gain as a student at WCU will help you land a job post-graduation."

What groups/organizations are you involved with on campus?
"I am in the Honors College as wells as the Honors Student Association. I also work three jobs, and just became a student ambassador for the CBPM!"

Have you had an internship? If so, where and what was that experience like?
"I had an internship this summer at EY [Ernst and Young], and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I was lucky enough to do hands-on work and have direct engagement with people on every level including with the clients, staff members, and partners. We wrapped up the summer with an intern conference in Disney World where we got to meet the Global Chairman and CEO. It was really inspiring."

What do you plan to do after graduation?
"I am excited to say that I've accepted a formal offer from EY to work in their tax department. I would also like to travel and have been thinking about backpacking through Europe or going to China."

What would you tell students considering CBPM?
"I would highly recommend the CBPM to any student interested in pursuing a career in business or public management. Again, I would stress all of the internship and career opportunities that have been offered to me via the College. I, along with many of my peers, am graduating with a job, which is not something to take for granted.

To those of you who are freshman in college, be open to everything. Get out of your dorm room to explore and always be willing to try new things."

Where is your favorite place to eat on campus?
"I am always here at 8 in the morning and get a breakfast sandwich from Curbies. It's the best."