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Name: Dr. Lori Fuller
Position: Faculty Associate to the Dean

Name: Kathy Koval
Position: Assistant Dean, Director of Business and Public Management Programs

Name: Cindy Cheyney
Position: Assistant Dean

Name: Laurie Christie
Position: Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Name: Danah Allen
Position: Communications and Impact Coordinator

Name: Paige Carey
Position: Receptionist

Stellar Staff
Spotlight Alana Luttermoser

Alana Luttermoser
  • Current Occupation: Graduate Assistant Director
  • Department: School of Business
  • Hometown: Delaware County, PA
  • Start Date: January 2016

How did you first learn about WCU?
"I first learned about WCU as a middle school student. Being local to the area, I watched many students before me struggle to choose the best higher education fit for them. I myself saw WCU as a perfect fit for me, and could not wait until it was my turn to begin the application process."

What drew you to WCU originally? And how has WCU changed since?
"Originally, the short 30-minute drive drew me to WCU as a student. I was not ready to leave far and wide for my education experience post high school, and I felt at the time WCU's mid-size population and student support services coupled with the cute charm of the borough would be a seamless choice for me. I am thrilled that I attended WCU for my education, and can happily say I have successfully earned two degrees from WCU: BSW and MS in Higher Education/Student Affairs.

Between the times I graduated with my M.S., and returning as an employee, WCU has increased in size and continues to be a leader in curriculum development, sustainability, and student support services. These reasons and more are why I decided to return to WCU as a staff member."

What do you like best about working at WCU and/or for CBPM?
"One of my favorite aspects working for WCU and the CPBM is the continued support and advocacy for professional development of the staff and faculty. It is crucial to feel supported when working for an organization no matter what the capacity, and I can honorably say that WCU provides the opportunities necessary to help stay abreast of trends and continue education in areas of relevance."

Does any particular moment standout as being your favorite since working at WCU?
"I always love Banana day every year."

What are three words to describe WCU?
"Inspire. Evolve. Lead."

What is the most interesting part about your job?
"One of the most interesting parts of my job is working directly with applicants for the online business programs. These applicants can come from anywhere around the world, and range in backgrounds from business, to social services, to medical, and everywhere in between. It is exciting to assist individuals looking to further their education in any capacity, and it is especially exciting that WCU can offer online programs that can be taken anywhere in the world for individuals to participate and expand their education and development."

What is your advice to someone just getting started in a new career?
"If I could offer one piece of advice to someone starting in a new career, you must say 'yes' to opportunities that are presented to you to grow, and go above and beyond when you are able. Additionally, advocating for yourself is key, because no one else will."

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?
"If I could do another job for just one day, I would like to help manage a company in the technology industry."