Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Minor

This minor explores the fundamental concepts and skills of geographic information systems (GIS) as a tool for data management, spatial analysis, and geovisualization. Students will explore the foundations of spatial data, database management,modeling, cloud-based applications, and the production and analysis of cartographic outputs for research and community engagement. The application and visualization components of this minor align well with disciplines in the earth, computer, and social sciences.

Required Courses (3 courses; 9 credits)

GEO 324 Introduction to GIS

GEO 328 Computer Cartography

GEO 427 Geodatabase Systems

Elective Courses (3 courses; 9 credits)

Select from the following approved electives courses (note: one elective course MUST be from Geography and Planning - GEO or PLN prefix): 

ANT 213 Archaeological Field Techniques

ANT 367 Archaeology and the Environment

ANT 368 Archaeological Field School

BIO 270 Ecology

BIO 310 Biostatistical Applications

BIO Epidemiology

CRJ 215 GIS for Criminal Justice Careers

CRJ 318 Environmental Crime

CRJ 323 Opportunities, Situations,and Crime: Environmental Criminology

CSC 141 Computer Science I

CSC 142 Computer Science II

CST 221 Database Systems

CSW 131 Introduction to Web Design

CSW 315 Introduction to Web Programming

ESS 201 Field Geology

ESS 323 General Geological Field Studies of SE Pennsylvania

ESS 343 Geomorphology

ESS 344 Geomorphology II

ESS 435 Remote Sensing

ESS 394 Geology of Northwestern National Parks

ESS 395 Geology of Southwestern National Parks

ENV 445 Risk Assessment

GEO 213 GIS for the Social Sciences

GEO 214 Intro to Planning

GEO/PLN 318 Economic Geography

GEO 325 Introduction to Business GIS

GEO 338 Environmental Applications of GIS

GEO 401 Internet Mapping (note: the pre-requisite course GEO 225 is waived for non-Geography/Planning majors

GEO 415 Internship (GIS-related)

GEO 424 GIS Applications

GEO 425 Business GIS Applications 

HEA 342 Program Planning and Evaluation

HEA 348 Population Health

HEA 419 Research Methods in Health

Other courses under advisement of the Minor Advisor


 Advising sheets are available online.

Advising sheets are subject to change; students should check with their advisors before registering for classes.

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For more information, contact Dr. Gary Coutu Chair of the Geography & Planning Department


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