Undergraduate Programs


The Department of Geography and Planning offers two undergraduate degrees; a BS in Urban and Environmental Planning and a BS in Geography. The BS in Geography degree has five areas of specialty (or tracks) that students can follow.

  1. General Geography- for students wanting an overall mix of geography courses.
  2. Environmental Geography- encourages environmental awareness; promotes research and service that fosters regional and global sustainability.
  3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)- focuses on techniques in spatial analysis, cartography, environmental modeling, geodatabases, and internet-based GIS. Students are able to integrate GIS into their course/degree projects work, and thesis, as well as presentations and research.
  4. Location Analytics
  5. Elective Social Studies - incorporates the courses necessary for certification to teach.


The Department of Geography and Planning also offer four minors:

  1. Geography and Planning
  2. Business GIS
  3. Applied Community & Environmental Sustainability (ACES)
  4. Geographic Information Systems