Amanda Olejarski

Dr. Amanda M. Olejarski


Dr. Amanda Olejarski is the MPA Director at West Chester University. Her research interests include administrative discretion and communication and normative policy implementation. Dr. Olejarski’s research has been published in numerous public administration journals and she has written two books on ethical decision-making. She serves as Editor of Public Integrity, the flagship ethics academic journal in public administration. Originally from NJ, she lives in King of Prussia, PA, with her husband, sons, and rescue cats. She enjoys gardening and Wawa.

Education and Professional Certifications

  • Ph.D., Public Administration and Public Affairs, Center for Public Administration and Policy, Virginia Tech (2009)
  • MPA, Public Management, Rutgers University- Camden (2006)
  • MBTI Certification, Myers-Briggs Foundation (2015)
  • Public Performance Measurement Certified, Rutgers University- Newark (2014)
  • DiSC Everything Workplace

Area of Expertise

  • Administrative discretion, communication, and normative policy implementation

Relevant Professional/Applied Experience

  • Editor in Chief, Public Integrity
  • Member, Keystone ASPA Board of Directors
  • Immediate Past President, Keystone ASPA Chapter
  • Past Chair, NASPAA Pi Alpha Alpha Committee
  • Faculty Advisor, MPA External Advisory Board
  • Faculty Advisor, GSPAN
  • Faculty Advisor, Pi Alpha Alpha honor society
  • Faculty Senate (former member)
  • TeP (former member)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Refereed Book Manuscripts:

  • Elias, Nicole M. and Olejarski, Amanda M. (2020). Ethics for contemporary bureaucrats: Navigating constitutional crossroads (Eds). New York, NY: Routledge (foreword by Cam Stivers)
  • Olejarski, Amanda M. (2013). Administrative discretion in action: A narrative of eminent domain. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (with foreword by Charles T. Goodsell).
    Reviewed by Caiden, Naomi. (2014). American Review of Public Administration, 44, 373-377.

Refereed Journal Manuscripts:

  • Neal, Sue M., Gherardi, Michelle, R., and Olejarski, Amanda M. (2020, May 6, published online first). Beyond the turtle approach: Women in the public sector. Public Administration Review.
  • Webb Farley, Kathryn and Olejarski, Amanda M. (2020). Mega-gifts: Hijacking administrative discretion. Public Integrity, 22, 525-541.
  • Olejarski, Amanda M., Potter, Michael R., and Morrison, Robert L. (2019). Organizational learning in the public sector: Culture, politics, and performance. Public Integrity, 21, 69-85.
  • Olejarski, Amanda M. (2018). Irrelevance of “public use” in state eminent domain reforms. American Review of Public Administration, 48, 631-643.
  • Olejarski, Amanda M. and Farley, Kathryn W. (2015). The little blue pill that killed the little pink house: A narrative of eminent domain. Administration & Society, 47, 369-392.
  • Potter, Michael R., Olejarski, Amanda M., and Pfister, Stephanie M. (2014). Capture theory and the public interest: Balancing competing values to ensure regulatory effectiveness. International Journal of Public Administration, 37, 638-345.
  • Olejarski, Amanda M. (2011). Public good as public interest? The principle of tangibility in eminent domain legislation. Public Integrity, 13, 333-351.
  • Olejarski, Amanda M. (2011). The Kelo opportunity: A loss for the court but a gain for public administrators. Public Integrity, 13, 41-58.
  • Olejarski, Amanda M. and Garnett, James L. (2010). Coping with Katrina: Assessing crisis management behaviors in the big one. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management,18, 26-38.

Refereed Book Chapter Manuscripts:

  • Olejarski, Amanda M. and Neal, Sue. (2020). “Due Process and Property: What Process is Due?” in Ethics for Contemporary Bureaucrats: Navigating Constitutional Crossroads, edited by Nicole M. Elias and Amanda M. Olejarski, pp.77-88.
  • Dudley, Larkin S., Elias, Nicole M., and Olejarski, Amanda M. (2020). “Introduction: The Constitutional Tradition in Public Administration Ethics” in Ethics for Contemporary Bureaucrats: Navigating Constitutional Crossroads, edited by Nicole M. Elias and Amanda M. Olejarski, pp. 1-8.
  • Elias, Nicole M., Olejarski, Amanda M., and Neal, Sue M. (2020). “Conclusion: Where the Constitution Can Lead us” in Ethics for Contemporary Bureaucrats: Navigating Constitutional Crossroads, edited by Nicole M. Elias and Amanda M. Olejarski, pp. 195-199.
  • Garnett, James L. and Olejarski, Amanda M. (2017). “Public Administrative Communication,” in Foundations of Public Administration, edited by Jos C. N. Raadschelders and Richard J. Stillman, pp. 215-233.

Refereed Book Review:

  • Neal, Sue M. and Olejarski, Amanda M. “Public Service Ethics, 2nd edition: A review.” Public Integrity (forthcoming).

Classes Regularly Taught

  • Analysis and Decision Making I
  • Analysis and Decision Making II
  • Law for Public Administrators
  • Professional Seminar in Public Administration
  • Public Service Motivation
  • Ethics for Contemporary Bureaucrats

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