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Writing Project Advisory Board:

Jolene Borgese

Rita DiCarne

Lynne Dorfman

Janice Ewing

Catherine Gehman

Jen Greene

Dana Kramaroff

Liz Mathews

Kelly Virgin

Sharon Williams

Teacher Consultants' Educational Blogs

Several Fellows maintain educational blogs. Follow them to see how the Project philosophy infuses the thinking of fellow educators.

Writing Project E-Journal

National Writing Project

National Writing Project

  • Former Director Mary Buckelew participated in a show about Living History: Reading, Writing, and Learning at a National Park on NWP Radio. Listen to the archived show from April 25.
  • WCWP Co-Director Lynne Dorfman also participated in an NWP Radio archived show from March 28 entitled Reading, Writing, and Mentor Texts: Imagining Possibilities.

WCWP Newsletters

"Write Share Connect"


Monthly Themes

  • August: Why I Teach
  • September: Building Community
  • October: Recommended Read-Alouds or Professional Books
  • November: Conferring
  • December/January: Key Strategies to Move Students forward as Readers, Writers, and Thinkers
  • February: Sustaining Positive Energy for Teachers and Students
  • March: Teaching to and for Diverse Populations
  • April: Incorporating Poetry Into Your Day or Week


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