Peace and Conflict Studies

West Chester University

Dr. Dean Johnson, Coordinator
Anderson Hall, Room 108E
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

The Help Increase the Peace Project West Chester University:

“I have an active stake in our world (who doesn't?) And I believe in the individual power to make a difference and I believe in the collective power of change.”

- WCU Graduate

Who We Are
We are a group of students here at West Chester University that have received Conflict resolution certification through the Help Increase the Peace Project. This program was developed by the Quakers and is a spinoff of a program originally developed for the prison systems. HIPP is structured in a way that builds community first and maintains community by playing games that are geared towards teamwork and listening skills. This is how we manage to talk about difficult issues and develop the skills necessary to deal with them.

Many individuals consider it a structured discussion on diversity. The format is structured in a way that we get to discuss things such as race, sexuality, etc. in a way that keeps everyone comfortable and open minded. Conflict Resolution skills are covered by the facilitators but in reality, the group learns from each other.

What We Do
We each have our own goal and focus that we use HIP as a foundation for. However, we also work to use HIP within our campus Community. Known as the WCU Experience, we strive to discuss improve diversity relations on campus.


HIP originated as a spinoff of another program known as the Alternatives to Violence Program. The Alternatives to Violence Program, or AVP, was developed and used in the prison systems. The Help Increase the Peace Project was developed by the American Friends Service Committee in 1991. HIP was developed as a non-violent conflict resolution workshop for juveniles, but can be adapted for older age audiences as well.

At West Chester University

In fall of 2011, the Help Increase the Peace project was brought to WCU's campus by a former alumna in collaboration with WCU's Peace and Conflict Studies. Dr. Joan Woolfrey, the P&C Studies Coordinator has since overseen and facilitated many workshops.
In turn, students have been trained as facilitators, refining their leadership skills and style. The next step for WCU's student facilitators is to build an organization under WCU's Student Affairs Council.

Attend a Workshop

We work to stay active off and on campus. We typically hold one "Basic" workshop in the fall semester and an "Advanced" Workshop in the spring. These workshops start Friday evening, run all day Saturday and end on Sunday afternoon. Cost is $10 which covers Saturday’s Lunch. Contact us for more info! For more information look us up on Facebook:



Peace by Peace:

“I want the world to be a better place, and I want to know that I am making that happen.”

- Current WCU Student

Peace by Peace is a new and exciting informal student group of West Chester University students. Peace by Peace is a student run group focused on areas of peaceful demonstrations, conflict resolution, as well as building foundations for superior student leaders. The group takes part in discussing peace and conflict issues and holding peaceful demonstrations. The group will also take part in campus club events as a team. Some areas that the group is working in currently are: active demonstrations, social theory, and economic depression. However, the group is not limited to these areas. Peace by Peace is a great way for the student body to come together on the issues that they find important. All students are welcome to join Peace by Peace; minors and non-minors alike have much to offer the group. All members and their opinions are equally respected and well-regarded.
Come out and see what Peace by Peace is all about today!

Peace by Peace meets Monday’s at nine pm. Connect with Peace by Peace via Facebook and Twitter to see club members, specific meeting information, upcoming events and more!