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Latino Communities Conference

Program Schedule

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Latino Communities Conference

Program Schedule

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Wednesday, September 25

Day/Time Track Location Activity Presenter(s)
8:30 - 9:30  Sykes Lobby Registration and café y pan dulce
9:30  Ballroom A Welcome
10:00 - 10:50 Session 1
 1 VIS/ARTS, COMDEV Ballroom B Atrévete: Building a Community Television Show Laura Deutch, Gabriela Watson-Burkett, Claudia Ceballos, Leticia Nixon, Arianne Bracho, Antonio Arroniz, Carmen Marcet, Katiria Garcia - PhillyCAM
 2 IMM/SOCJ, EDUC Ballroom C Developing Empathy for Immigrant Families Julie Miller, Kate Camarda, Genny Amores - Phoenixville Area School District
 3 EDUC  Sykes 10A Offering Mirrors and Windows: A sharing of children’s books by and about Latinxs (a continuous session from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm) Emily R. Aguiló-Pérez, WCU English, and student volunteers
11:00 - 11:50  Session 2 
 4 IMM/SOCJ, SOCSERV, COMDEV Ballroom A Casa Guanajuato Builds Bridges in Southern Chester County and its surroundings Gonzalo Cano, Mayra Castillo, Marta Castillo, Kathleen Snyder, Raul Toledo, Sara Dickens-Trillo - Casa Guanajuato Kennett Square
HEA, SOCSERV, COMDEV, HUM/SOC Ballroom C Familias Unidas- Empowering Latino Families Using an Evidence-Based Preventive Intervention Antoinette Gomez, Maribel González - Familias Unidas, Family Service of Chester County; Mark Butler, Family Service of Chester County
HUM/SOC Sykes 255 Bilingual Service-Learning Internships: Bridging the Gap between Academics and Professional Experience Andrea Varricchio, WCU Languages and Cultures; Cerridwen Cox, Maeve King, Adryana Gates - WCU students
12:00 - 12:50   Session 3 
 7 EDUC, VIS/ARTS Ballroom B Theatre in Education/Teatro en Educación: Multilingual learning in the early childhood classroom Sindy Isabel Castro, Madeline Calandrillo, Lyn Glener
 8 HUM/SOC Sykes 252 Workshop on Latin American Studies at WCU and Research and Study Abroad opportunities in Latin America Linda Stevenson, WCU Political Science, Leon Arredondo, WCU Anthropology, Caitlyn Handlin WCU student
1:00 - 1:50   Session 4 
9 IMM/SOCJ Sykes 255 Telling the City’s Untold Stories: A Collaborative Documentary Project between The College of New Jersey and Trenton’s Puerto Rican Community Ann Warner-Ault , Susan Ryan, Samuel Kanig, Ryan Soldati, Kassandra Sánchez - The College of New Jersey
EDUC, VIS/ARTS Kennett Multimedia: Building Alternative Narratives for Latinos Raul Toledo Sanchez, Elideth Navarro - Kennett Multimedia
 10 EDUC Sykes 252 Latino undergraduate and graduate students discuss issues with classroom teachers who are not Latino Greg Tully, WCU Undergraduate Social Work, Social Work Students of WCU
2:00 – 2:50   Session 5 



Sykes 252

What it’s like to be a Macho Man in Puerto Rico: A Biographical Narrative of Being a Gay Teacher in the Caribbean Gabriel T. Acevedo, Penn State University – University Park
In the Belly of the Beast: Situating Latin American Philosophy of Education in the United States Jason Thomas Wozniak, WCU Educational Foundations & Policy Studies
 12  SOCSERV Sykes 255 WCU Psychology Department collaborations with the local Latinx community to improve access to mental health services Stevie N. Grassetti, WCU Psychology; Zachary Getz, Kenia Valdez, Caroline Guzi, Geaniant Echavarria - WCU students
 13 IMM/SOCJ Ballroom A Stand Against Racism and Violence Leslie Acosta, Perla Lara, Che Guerrero - USALA Media
3:00 - 3:50   Session 6 
 14 IMM/SOCJ Sykes 252 Strategies in Community Organizing Enrique Morones, Border Angels, Jessica Culley and Nancy Lopez Sosa, El Comité de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agrícolas (CATA); Adan Mairena, West Kensington Ministry



Sykes 255

Todos Somos Joaquin: Identidad y Chicanismo  John Kaiser Ortiz, Millersville University
“Viva México?’: Competing Fan Discourses of Mexican Identity Surrounding Two Professional Boxing Champions” Justin García, Millersville University
 16 HEA, SOCSERV Sykes 209 Community Health Work and services for low income families Milena Lanz, Alma Vidal, Mary Beth Giandonato, Cecilia Arce - Maternal and Child Health Consortium (MCHC)
 17 VIS/ARTS, HUM/SOC Sykes 115 Salsa Dancing Workshop: Salsa De-stress / Salsa Sin Estrés Iliana Pagán-Teitelbaum, WCU Languages and Cultures
 4:00 - 5:30 Sykes Ballrooms


Refreshments and Snacks

WCU Latin Jazz Ensemble

5:50 - 7:05 Session 7
18  VIS/ARTS, EDUC Sykes Theatre Baobab Flowers - documentary screening and conversation about education inequality; Flores de Baoba - documental y conversa sobre desigualdad en la educación Gabriela Watson-Burkett, Inti Wasi NGO, Nyanza Bandele, Give Our Youth A Chance, Melissa Beatriz

Thursday, September 26

Day/Time  Track Location Activity Presenter(s)
8:30 - 9:30  Sykes Lobby Registration and café y pan dulce
9:30 - 10:45
Session 8
19 IMM/SOCJ Sykes 209 Employment Law: Do you know YOUR rights? Karen Eichman, Nancy Ayllon-Ramirez, - Eichman Law, PLLC
20 EDUC Ballroom C Empowering Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families Through Sustained and Responsive Parent Engagement Ángela Della Valle, WCU and Upper Merion Area School District, Daryl Schumacher, Upper Merion Area School District, Érica Pérez, Cabrini College
  21 HUM/SOC, HEA Ballroom A Exploring the intersection between Housing Access, Legal Status and Health in Philadelphia David Reyes-Farias, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
EDUC Nurturing a Space for Underrepresented (Hispanic) Postsecondary Students in Northeastern and Central PA Christopher Donahue, Bloomsburg University
 22 VIS/ARTS Sykes 255 Multilingual Films for Linguistic Diversity and Cultural Resistance in the Americas  Iliana Pagán-Teitelbaum, WCU Languages and Cultures, Brook Lillehaugen, Haverford College
 23 HS Sykes Lobby WCU campus tour WCU Latino American Student Organization
11:00 - 12:15   Session 9 
 24 HEA, SOCSERV, COMDEV Sykes 255 Reaching the Unreachable: Lessons Learned in Engaging Underserved Communities Laura Milazzo Mackiewicz, La Comunidad Hispana (LCH)
 25 IMM/SOCJ Sykes 10A Exploring the Experiences of Undocumented Central American Immigrants in Florida: An Interpretative Phenomenological Study Elizabeth M. Jarquin, Kara S. Erolin - Nova Southeastern University
 26 EDUC, SOCSERV, COMDEV Sykes 209 Padres Latinos from the West Chester Area School District: A Community´s Answer for a Better Communication Between Spanish Speaking Families and Schools Sandra Bradley, Veronica Ortiz - Padres Latinos; Christine Miller, West Chester Area School District; Ivett Herrera, Carolina Bautista - Parent Volunteers
27 HS Sykes 252 WCU Admissions Kenneth L. Jones, WCU Office of Admissions
 12:00 - 2:00

Sykes Ballrooms

Enrique Morones, Keynote Address: "Border Realities & Immigration Today"

Latino Professionals Luncheon Group of Chester County Scholarship Awards

 2:00 - 3:15    Session 10 
 28 IMM/SOCJ, VIS/ARTS Sykes 209 Intergenerational Organizing for Migrant Justice Yanira Rodríguez, WCU English
 29 COMDEV, SOCSERV, IMMSOCJ Sykes 255 Housing & the Latino Community: Myths, Misunderstandings and Challenges Sherry McCormack, Long & Foster Real Estate, Claudia Roemer, Cardinal Financial, Matrie Johnson, Home of the Sparrow, Nina Guzman, Alianzas De Phoenixville, Jessica Ortiz, State Farm Insurance


Sykes 254 ¿Qué tan diferente es México de la Venezuela de Chávez? Un acercamiento a través del programa de desayunos escolares - Author's book presentation Raúl Olmo Fregoso Bailón, WCU Educational Foundation and Policy Studies
 Social Work in the Dominican Republic: A Human Rights Exploration  Kelly Smack, WCU Graduate Social Work, Ben Morgan, WCU student, Graduate Social Work
 31 HS Sykes 252 Campus Life WCU Latino American Student Organization
3:30 - 4:15 Session 11
 32 EDUC, HUM/SOC Ballroom A 2020 Census Briefing Juan F. Valencia, U.S. Census Bureau, Philadelphia Regional Census Center
 33 SOCSERV, EDUC, HEA Ballroom C The Bridge Between 2 Worlds: A psychoeducational group for 1.5-generation Latinx youth Jari Santana-Wynn, Guadalupe Meza - Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems
HEA: Health
SOCSERV: Social Services
EDUC: Education
HS: High school session

IMM/SOCJ: Immigration and Social Justice
HUM/SOC: Humanities and Social Sciences
VIS/ARTS: Visual and Performing Arts
COMDEV: Community Development

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